SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Your Honor” is set to premiere later this month on July 25, and screenwriter Chun Sung Il has opened about his experience working with the main cast of the new drama.

Chun Sung Il is set to bring his signature unpredictable storylines and vibrant characters. He will be paired with unique and energetic actors like Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Yoo Young, Park Byung Eun, and Hello Venus’s Nara.

Yoon Shi Yoon is set to play two different brothers, Han Kang Ho and Han Su Ho. Chun Sung Il had nothing but praise for the actor as he said, “He’s a very kind person, so I worried whether he’d be able to play a character like Han Kang Ho, who is a five-time convicted criminal. However, he proved my worries to be for nothing. I’ve shared many conversations with Yoon Shi Yoon about the drama and his characters, and I’ve felt that he’s putting more passion and effort into his role than I could have expected. I feel like he will be able to take even a character like Han Kang Ho and make him someone approachable to the viewers.”

Alongside Yoon Shi Yoon will be Lee Yoo Young, who plays the determined and hardworking legal student Song So Eun. This will be the actress’s first leading role in a miniseries aired by a major broadcasting company, and she is said to have taken to her character like a fish in water. Chun Sung Il said,”Not only is she a great actress, but Lee Yoo Young is a thoughtful and serious person. I think she’s someone who is very deep and layered, and she will really bring the character of Song So Eun to life as she will be able to portray the pains her character holds.”

The screenwriter also had high praise for Park Byung Eun and Nara, who will play the ambitious conglomerate Oh Sang Chul and anchorwoman Joo Eun respectively. He stated, “Park Byung Eun really is an actor you can trust to do well. I feel like he doesn’t really need an explanation. I’m also curious and excited to see where he will take his character as he butts heads with Yoon Shi Yoon. For Nara, she hasn’t had a lot of time to prepare, but she really is working hard. I believe that hard work will combine well with her natural charms to create good results.”

“Your Honor” will tell the story of an unconventional judge and his journey of growth as he tackles the definition of justice with his unexpected rulings. As the follow-up to “The Undateables,” the drama will premiere on July 25 at 10 p.m. KST.

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