In the 5th episode of the TVN series, “Young Soo Ae, 17,” which was broadcast on the 8th, “Everyday Sang-jae, directed by Han Sang-hee, written by Bae Ji-hyun and Bae Ji-hyun, It gave sympathy.

On the day of the broadcast, a portrait of Paradise Corp. The mother (Kim Jung-ha) was dispatched to rescue Yea Ae (Kim Hyun Sook). Jae-ae Lee, a jeweler who had been angered by the anger of Ahn Ae-ae, did not accept the secret of 5,000 towels before, but because it was received by Young-ae’s mother, she had no choice but to dispose of everything. However, Young Ae was a Buddhist nail (a person who did not know Buddhism) who had no idea about Buddhism. Miran (Lamiran) joined the project together with her former mother-in-law as an opportunity to experience the temple.

Miran, who is trying to raise the salary, captivated the minds of the believers with an unhappiness, and Young-ae grew dissatisfied with Miran, Young Ae exploded in the news that Miran, who had left his job to him, was at his son and hamburger shop. Eventually, the two men fought hard on the streets. At the end of the fight, the moment Juran confessed something, a jewel call came in. Jae-ae Lee and Mi-ran, who have not finished their work, poured out ridiculous rhetoric saying, “Do not take your job, do not take away the rice bowl because you have a husband to feed you.” Miran confessed that he had divorced and shocked him. When Miran confessed to Young Ae about the process of divorce and the hardships, she poured out tears.

On the other hand, the confrontation with the pride of the gem of Jung Joon who is the former president of the paradise company and the present president spread. When a contract with a long-term customer was in crisis, the Paradise family members recalled Seung-jun. Joon Joon said he was willing to help with the apologies for the grabbing of the gem. However, when he realized that Young Ae was being harassed by jewel, he fought to win the honor of “Little Song,” a small boss of revenge for Young Ae and Paradise. From the driving coach to the hot spots, even to the baseball batting, the confrontations of the two worlds have been constantly raucous.

On this day, Miran’s unfortunate story and Paradise’s “laughing” routine shared a pleasant smile and empathy. In the school, the son of a son who had an accident, and his upset sister, Miran, showed up in the warmth of Young Ae. It is Young Ae and Miran who have encountered habits, but they shared emotions as a colleague and ‘Workingmum’, sharing their pain and comforting them. This time, I started to feel a grin on the cute repertoire of Ahn An-bang of Seung-jun, which started from a heartfelt grudge of his wife. Meanwhile, Sui (Park Soo-a) and Kim Hyun- Increased the index to its fullest.

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