Yoon Gyeongsang opened the house.

Actor Yoon, Gyung-sang released his real “Deacon” daily life on MBC ‘I Live Alone’ on March 8th.

Yoon said that she is currently raising 4 cats. “It’s been 13 years since I lived alone, and it’s been about 11 years, except for my army, this house is a cat house,” he said.

In the living room of Yoon, Gyun – Sang, Namsan Tower was able to attract attention. There were cat cushions all over the sofa. In the hobby room, trophies were received from the acting awards ceremony. There were houses for cats everywhere.

MBC ‘Naonjasanda’ Yoon Gyun-sang appeared in ‘Rainbow Live’.

In MBC ‘Naonjasanda’ broadcasted on the 8th, a day of ‘Nunn deacon’ Yoon Gyeongsang was drawn.

Kim, who visited the real estate to move this day, was talking to himself all the while walking. Kim said, “I like the ground better than the ring, I like the square house.” In addition, various conditions were presented. In real estate, there are four possible locations.

The first visit to the rooftop was not bad, but there were many problems such as condensation and mold. The second officetel I visited was not so flawed as the new construction. But the expensive price was a problem. The rest of the houses also visited, but there was no place like Kim Chung Jae. Looking back at the house until late, Kim Chung Jae looked at the sunset and sighed, “Where is my house?”

Then, a day of Yoon Gyeong-sang was drawn in ‘Rainbow Live’. Yoon Gyeongsang, who introduced his house as a ‘cat house’, checked cats as soon as he woke up. Yoon, Gyung – sang, who raised four cats, heard only the cries of the cat and found out which cat it was. Also, there were lots of props for cats all over the house.

The love of cats was not the end here. He spent the day taking care of cats all day long. I did my job well, from mowing to shaving.

Yoon Kyun-sang, who spent a long time with the cat, went out to meet Lee Jun-hyuk and Shim Hee-seop. Lee Jun-hyuk, a military dictator, offered a toy gun to Yoon Gyun-sang, a natuk cat. They talked about finding a new hobby by Yoon Gyun-sang and moved on to find out the hobby of Yoon Gyeong-sang in the studio.

In addition, Yoon Gyeong – sang continued to talk about storm and talked about love. But when I came home, I still spent time with friends who were cats and boys, and I knew why I could not love.

On the other hand, the last appearance before the breakup of Jeon Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin, the official couples of Na-hana-san,

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