Actor Yoon Gyeong-sang denied the 7-year-old female college student and his lecture.

On May 5, Popo Entertainment’s agent, Yoon Gyun-sang, said in the Herald’s POP that “the lecture of Yoon Gyeong-sang is unfounded.”

Yoon Gyun-sang said, “I know that it is not just for me to be my brother’s brother because I know it through my acquaintance.” Regarding the house of Yoon Gyun-sang who was revealed to the SNS, “Yoon Gyeong-sang usually meets at home. I just gathered together, “he denied once again.

The former media reported that Yoon Gyeong-sang was in love with a non-entertaining female college student J. According to the report, a female college student was a student at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in 1994 and told her that she was a devotee through SNS.

On the other hand, Yoon Gyeong-sang has been loved by the public since her debut in the drama ‘Shinin’ in 2012, appearing in ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Kwon Ryong NaShara’, ‘Doctors’, ‘Reverse’ and ‘Once Hot Clean’.

Why did she remove the stargram?

In early June, Sports Today received a report that actor Yoon Gyeong-sang was in a relationship with J female student J Young-hee, who was younger than 7 years old. J Yang, who was born in 1994, is currently attending Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

J, who knows J Yang well, said, “J Yang is in a relationship with Yi Gyun-sang and devotees,” and she is on a date with her friends while she is on a date with her friends. I know there is an ordinary couple like a man and a woman. ”

According to the informant, the two are lovers. We can confirm this through the SNS of J Yang. Sports Today caught an image of heart emoticons in J’s Instagram while she was covering the two enthusiasts. The shooting place was the house of Yoon Gyun-sang, the main date place of the two people.

In this video shot at the house of Yoon Gyun-sang, there are also the relics of Yoon Gyeong-sang who appeared in TVN performing arts ‘Shishi Sekisui’. Also, some of the scripts of the drama ‘Mr. J was taking a picture of him while he was dating at Yoon Gyun-sang’s house and released it to Instagram.

Lupus stargram was not the end here. J has captured and posted some messenger conversations with Yoon Gyun-sang. Yoon said, “I am still on the scene, the last god is long.” J Yang is cheering for Yoon Gyun-sang, saying, ‘Improve the Korean drama scene.’ The profile picture of Yoon, Gyun-sang is a picture of a mystery that I posted on my own SNS. On the 4th of Sports Day, Yoon Gyun-sang, a member of the company, Popeye Entertainment, denied the enthusiasm, saying, “(Yoon Gyeong-sang) However, on April 4, the same day, when Jiji officially inquired about the open-mindedness, J turned the Instagram into an inactive account and deleted all traces of Lupus Stargram. Meanwhile, Yoon Gyung-sang, who debuted in the drama ‘Shinin’ in 2012, has appeared in drama ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Kwon Ryong’ s Narcia ” Doctors ‘,’ Stolen Raiders ‘,’ Question of the Stolen ‘,’ It is ahead of the first broadcast of Mr.

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