Actor Yoon Kyun-sang non-celebrity among female students and agency side engulfed in the yeolaeseol “is unfounded,” he smiled in just over one hour ildanrak happening to reveal its position.

On May 5, Yoon Gyun-sang was caught up in a lecture with a non-entertainer, a 7-year-old female college student, A. One day, a media librarian said, “Two people are going out to and from each other’s house. It is an ordinary couple like any other man or woman.”

the media explained that the devotees witness the Instagram of two people. Among the posts uploaded by Mr. A, some of the postings of ‘OCN new drama mister period’ script, which is the main character of the sympathy and yun gyangsang, There was even a capturing of Messenger conversations by Mr. Yoon and Mr. A.

However, Yoon Gyun-sang’s company, Popeye Entertainment, said to OSEN, “It’s not true that public college girls and girls are open to the public.

They Insta for the program post “Yoon Kyun-sang and A Mr. cider learned through an acquaintance. Just be between close brothers, brother is envisaged Instagram photo was taken at a meeting of friends. A is also one of those acquaintances. ”

Yoon Gyun – sang is famous for being a close friend of non – entertainers as well as entertainers, so it is a misunderstanding caused by meeting with such acquaintances.

end, Yoon Gyeong-sang’s enthusiasm for his company’s firm position has evolved rapidly in about an hour. It is not a new couple birth but a happening.

On the other hand, Yoon Gyeong-sang made his debut in SBS drama “Shinin” in 2012, and since then he has made his debut as a god in the drama “Kwon Ryong I Narsa”, “Pinocchio”, “Time I Loved You”, “Doctors” ‘, And will appear on’ Mr. Periodic ‘, which will be broadcast in July. In addition, he appeared in the series ‘Shishi three’ to raise awareness.

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