In the last episode, Sua was in charge of Advisory of the webtoon dialect of Gyu-han (Lee Gyu-han) and performed a subtle nervous battle with the formulation. Whenever I meet, I have received a grudge of Gyu-han as an old one. Sua, who was blown toward the Barbary, kicked off the game and showed curiosity as a form of a remembrance of the days when he was a youth Taekwondo player.

In the meantime, the play and formulations of the open and polar atmosphere stimulate curiosity. Two people who came to buy coffee. It is interesting that Sua ‘s eager expression of asking for something after seeing the formula and making a nice face in the world. However, as a form of “Jabirisu,” the shape of the chic formula that hits the iron wall further raises the curiosity. In the following photo, the figure of Sua, who carefully went hand in his wallet which was placed in the back pocket of the waist-shaped formula, was caught and added interest. Sua suddenly picked up the wallet of the formula, what is the story of the relationship between the two people is also arouse interest.

On June 15, the episode of the 6th episode depicts the hidden past relationship between Suo and the formative figure, as well as the fact that the Paradise family knows Sura’s embezzlement and facts.

The filmmaker of ‘Mak Young Ae 17’ hid the fact that he was the brother of Miran, and revealed the past of Suh’s reversal, who entered the paradise. “Paradise is reversed again”, he replied, “In the past, “He said.


On the other hand, ‘Miss A Young Ae 17’ 6 episode will be broadcast tomorrow (15th) at 11 pm.

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