Park Hyo-shin revealed another legend.

Park Hyo-shin released a new single ‘Goodbye’ on various online music sites at 6 pm on June 6.

‘Goodbye’ is a style song of Park Hyo – shin ‘s abundant vocal ability, which has a wide range of emotional lines in which coolness and deep sorrow coexist. The lyrics contain an acknowledgment of what needs to be released, and a story about a reluctant but inevitable farewell to the past.

‘Goodbye’ is also a prelude to the jump for a new attempt to show through Park Hyo-shin’s 8th album. After releasing the 7th album, Park Hyo-shin released a variety of music in a single form, and released ‘Goodbye’, one of the main songs of the 8th album, as a single, so all the works are part of a big picture that he will draw, And that it is not.

Park Hyo – shin said, “I look forward to the afternoon going down / Thoughts that passed by / I remember / You are here / Now here / In the screen now stopped / You smile like summer / Maybe this is the last Goodbye / Thank you for staying with me / What was that hard to say / Now is goodbye “” Goodbye with you that I held in my hand / I can not stand it tears / Maybe today was the last time Goodbye / I liked it ” It gives a deep voice.

In particular, Park Hyo – shin focused on bringing the two senses and feelings into one landscape through Jung Jae – il and co – composition. Here he shared his worldview with lyrics and lyrics with Kim.

In addition, ‘Goodbye’ has been engineered by world-class engineers for the best sound. Tony Maserati (Tony Maserati), who has worked on albums such as ‘Beyonce’, ‘Jason Mraz’, ‘Ed Sean’, ‘Lady Gaga’ and ‘John Mayer’ Maserati ‘) and’ Greg Calbi ‘(mixing and mastering), respectively.

That ‘s why I put my heart to’ Goodbye ‘music video. Luke Monaghan is the director who collaborates with world musicians such as Sam Smith, Apex Laki, and Disco. Through its unique color and sophisticated production, it has created a music video that can not only be heard but also viewed.

On the other hand, Park Hyo-shin will be holding a solo concert “Hyo-shin LIVE 2019 LOVERS: where is your love?” At the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium (KSPO DOME) Performances are held.

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