‘Ra Ra Cha Mansuro’, has been released.

‘Ra Ra Cha Mansu Roo’ is a new dream, the actor Kim Soo Ro, who acquired Chelsea Rovers in the 13th league of England soccer, Lee Shi-young, a soccer lover, Global Global Idol Exocai, Lucky from India, It is a program that draws the contents which lead the team which is the coincidence with the reason.

The teaser video, which was unveiled on March 3, shows the way in which they live in London, with their respective duties, and the birth of “one-of-a-kind, real football owner variety” was drawn.

‘It is not soccer arts. This is a story about dreams. “In the teaser, Kim Soo-ro went on to say,” I wanted to do this only for the actors. I think it is the first time I do not know what the future is, “he said, stimulating his curiosity.

Kim Soo-ro took over the English football league ‘Chelsea Rovers’ last October and has been registered as a regular owner of the British Football Association. But reality was different from dreams. It was crisis situation that we had to worry about livelihood immediately in the 13th division league of the relegation crisis immediately.

In the teaser, Park Mun-seong commentator said, “There is no money, the team is a crisis to be dismissed. Nothing is right. Now,” he says, “I want to increase the tension. It expresses and expresses interest.

However, there were players who played for their dreams as a passion for football even in crisis. Everyone, including elementary school teachers, engineers, kitchen designers, students, securities managers, restaurant managers, security staffs, etc., should be impressed with their enthusiasm for their dreams while earning a living by their own profession.

In front of their “Ju Gyung-yadok”, Lee said, “I want to add one more because I work so hard,” adding that he wants to make the club somehow cool somehow.

Kim Soo-ro, who is the owner of the 1st Division League, said, “We have to win unconditionally,” and we have fought a different battle. Let’s grab it, “revealing the posture of a 180-odd team manager, raising the expectation.

The spectacular beauty of the teaser also caught my eye. The scenery and attractions of London, reminiscent of the scenes in the movies, are spread out and added to the sights. It is not an ordinary entertainment program that draws overseas travel, but it is amplifying the expectation of ‘Eragakhae Mansuro’ which gives a question about dreams, challenges and life while feeling local life and culture.

‘Rae Cha Cha Mansuro’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 21st of next month.

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