tvN 2 car teaser ( of the “Hotel del Luna ‘is a surprise disclosure, Hotel President Lee, Ji – Eun (IU) and the elite hoteliers Ye Jin – gu was the first to take off his veil.

TVN’s new drama, ‘Hotel del Luna’ (Playful Hong Jung Hwan Hong Mi Ran, Director Oh Chung Hwan Studio Producer Dragon, Ji T’It) is the manager of Hotel Del Luna due to the fateful event of the elite hotelier. With the moon-like, It is a Fantasy romance that tells a special story that happens when you operate.

The second teaser video, which was released today (9th), starts with music that stimulates beautiful night scenery and emotions in Seoul. In the meantime, when the gigantic moon that has quietly appeared comes up, Gwang-sung (Jeju-gun) appears in the background of Hotel Del Luna, which emits a gorgeous but mysterious light. It is felt from his appearance that he is an elite hotelier, in a simple but sophisticated suit, with a well-arched hair. But Hotel Del Luna reveals a gorgeous reality only to the wandering demons. I wonder how a person ‘s favor would come here.

Following the appearance of the CEO of Hotel Del Luna, Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji Eun). Antique styling, an arrogant look, and above all, a beautiful face catches your eye. But she is so graceful that she is known to be a wacky, grumpy, whimpered, doubtful, greedy, and lavish character. I am looking forward to another video release with the real charm of the month of April.

Lee Ji-eun, who expects an unprecedented transformation of acting, and ‘Hotel del Luna’, a collection of topics solely based on the meeting of Jin Jin-gu, With the story of a special and mysterious hotel that starts a suspicious business when the moon emerges, the two actors Kimi, who first unveiled through the video and amplified the expectation at once, are even more curious.

“Many prospective viewers have been waiting for the images of actors Lee Ji Eun and Ye Jin Ji, The two actors Chemie are so good that even the staff at the scene are so good. I hope to see the video that will be released in the future, “he said.” I will go to July as a special and interesting story that will capture viewers’ tastes. I would like to ask you a lot of attention. ”

The story of a hotel where the ghost of “Hotel Del Luna” is staying is the early plan of the ‘Sun of the Lord’ written by Hong writers in 2013. This story will come to the world in 2019, and director Cho Chung-hwan will direct director of “Doctors” and “While you are asleep.” It is scheduled to start its first business in July.

Meanwhile, since June 12, the TVN channel number of KT olleh tv is changed from 17 to 3. Other TVNs are SK Btv # 3, LG U + tv # 17 and skylife # 20.

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