The movie ‘Peppan (Han Joon Hee director)’ released ‘Hit and Run’ trailer.

‘Peppan’ is a criminal entertainment action film depicting the struggle of hit-and-run task force Pang Ban, who is chasing an uncontrollable speed-light businessman. A fresh casting combination that includes the new material called the hit-and-run team, which is a hit-and-run only, and the hit-and-run team, and Gong Hyo Jin, Ryu Joon Yeol, and Tongsuk Seok as well as Torijae, Jeon Hyejin, Sohn Seokgu and Shinyiki (Kim Ki Bum) and a thrilling car action. I will preach. The 31-day trailer will be released to focus attention.

The ‘Hit and Run’ trailer captures the attention from the transformation of acting actors who believe and see, as well as the unpredictable stories that character characters will unfold. “Maneuvering storm situation. (Jeon Hye Jin) rushed to catch the perpetrator following the instructions of Young Seok-jang (Jeon Hye-jin), and the elite police who appeared across the highway, And a copy of “Let’s take charge of the task force!” And anticipates an exciting investigation by the police who have justice. The uncontrollable Speed ​​Light businessman Jung Jae – chul (Kang Seok – chul), who ruthlessly crashed his car with golf clubs, raises the question of what kind of incident he will bring to the hit – and – run task force.

The car action from the highway to the general road and the F1 circuit has traced the civil and elite courses that predicted the pleasure of passing by Peppan and pursued the instincts without the manual, but the demonstration, The way they fit together raises their expectations for a different team play.

‘Peppan’ is scheduled to open in January 2019.

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