MBC Monthly Mini Series ‘Special Labor Inspector Jo Jangpoong’ (play Kim Bandy, director Park Won-guk), which starts this spring, unveiled the first full script reading scene of the actors that started in early January.

The special work supervisor Cho Jangpoong, which will be broadcast this spring following the drama ‘Items’, is a society satire that deals with the story of a public servant with the highest priority of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, drama. Park Won-guk, the director of Kim Bandy who wrote the essence of Korean education through ‘Angry Mom’, directed the drama festival-turning point and the master of the monarch-mask.

On the day of the talks, the actor Kim Dong-wook, who plays the title role ‘Cho Jin-gap’, Kim Kyung Nam, who plays his former disciples and supporters, and Kim Jeong-nam, the former wife of Cho Jin- And the actors such as Song Ok-suk, Dae-hwan Oh, Seolin Ah, and Won-Jong Lee were attending.

“We wanted to make a drama where people get bigger and bigger,” said Kim Wan-gook, who wrote the script before reading the script, and said, It is a moment when I’m nervous. I am thrilled to have my favorite performers in one place like this, and I hope to have created a work that can be pleasant and warm. ”

Kim Dong-wook, who was the main character of the unique career that he had not seen in the previous drama called Special Labor Supervisor, said, “I feel it every time I do drama, but I am going to do well.

Actors in the talented Reading, which was started in earnest, boasted fantastic chemistry as they had known for a long time. Even though light adverbs are coming and going, they naturally show the perfect breathing by connecting the situation and adding stereoscopic effect to the character.

Above all, it is expected to be a pleasant, refreshing, and exciting drama, with laughter bursting from time to time in the field of reading, with the lively performances of the actors added to cool and unfolding episodes. This broadcast is also as exciting as the actors who have shown the best breathing from the script reading.

The ‘Special Labor Inspector Joe Jangpoong’, which has begun full-fledged production starting from the scenario reading, will be broadcasted in April following the drama ‘Item’.

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