‘Lion’ revealed 12 kinds of news stories that anticipate the story of the intense tension around the powerful evil.

‘Lion’ is a film about fighting the powerful evil that the fighting champion Yong-hoo (Park Seo-joon) confronted with Ahn Sung-ki, a priest of Kuma, and confused the world. In the movie ‘Youth Police’ (5.65 million), which dominated the theater in the summer of 2017, co-director Kim Joo-hwan and Park Seo-jun coincided, and Ansunggi-Udohwan was added to the national actor and young blood group.

The publicized press steel focuses on the intense presence of the three men who are surrounded by powerful evil, the bride and groom. Steel, after fighting evil first, is looking for a bride to solve the mystery of his injured hands, stimulating his curiosity about the special power of his hands. After meeting Ahn’s priest, he finds out the existence of evil hidden in every corner of the world, and his charismatic appearance after the dragon is anticipating the exciting action with added fantasy attractions.

In particular, Park Jae-joon, who is distinguished from Yong Ho who has deep wounds in his blunt and strong appearance, not only expresses his character with his mature acting ability, but also has a new charm with a direct digestion of the action of the action.

In the next Vatican, Mr. Kuma ‘s wife, Steel, attracts attention with a strong presence. Ahn Sung-gi, who is a bride-to-be who follows his life with a strong belief and pursues evil, is expecting to complete a character with soft charisma in constant challenge from Latin to action.

Still, the steel that Yonghui and Ahn confronted evil together expect a perfect smoke breathing and special activity to show. The steel of the black bishop, who spread evil in the world, attracts attention with a mysterious atmosphere. Woo Do-hwan, who is distinguished by his outstanding talents for penetrating and exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses, not only expresses a tight tension by digesting his characters with detailed acting but also shows a dramatic immersion feeling through a breathtaking confrontation with Yong- I will give it.

Lion, the best-anticipated movie in 2019, will be released on July 31, with a combination of fresh stories, new material, differentiated action and spectacular performances surrounding powerful evil.

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