the Jang in the drama ‘Aspire months Chronicles’ is referred to the Divine trial in sharp tension.

The TVN Saturday drama ‘Asdal Chronicles’ is a drama depicting the fateful stories of heroes who write different legends in the ancient land. Jang Dong Gun is playing a role as the first son of Sanwoong (Kim Seong-min), the Astdar tribal confederation, and a genius strategist, Aston’s leading warrior, Tagon, who led the great battle against the brain attack.

In the third episode of the Astralong Chronicles, which was broadcast on the eighth day, Tagon (Jang Dong-kun) succeeded in conquering the Ark, and was attracted to the appearance of returning to Astdal under the reverence of the Daegan troops ” Moreover, on his way back to Astdal, Tagon, through Taehaah (Kim Ookbun), told that he had been to Orimsa (the ceremony leading to God before or after his death) I let it expose. In the end, it became a crisis of desperation to be brought to the Tongan divine court, and it triggered tension by using this and the ambition to threaten San Woong Asaron.

In the 4th episode of ‘Asdal Chronicles’, which will be broadcasted on the 9th, Jang Dong-geon is kneeling in front of the large-scale steel pipe with an intense eye that is unknown to him. In the movie, the best soldier of the Asdal who made an opportunity to submit himself to the Divine Trial is facing the Asanthan with the sharp eye in the ice-cold expression. However, TAGONI, who has sparked a sense of extreme tension that seems to freeze the whole space, is raising his curiosity as a reversal of a smile.

There is a growing interest in why Tazuni, a genius strategist, would have made these trials, and what Tazon is doing with his big picture.

Jang Dong-geon is showing a strong warrior who leads many battles to success with his well-balanced leadership through “Astdal Chronicle”. However, in this scene, which is supposed to show the best strategy to carry out his intention, the scene has been resilient with the appearance of exploding a delicate line of feelings, which is different from the above.

Jang Dong – gun has spent many hours talking with director Kim Won – suk to vividly express the inner side of Combogon that crosses the line of good and evil. The smoke of Jang Dong-geon, who showed a charismatic reversal that makes the situation full of tension more freezing with a smile, further improved the perfection of the play.

The production team said, “It is an important scene where the genuine key figure of the Tagon is expressed,” he said. “Please watch the broadcast on the 9th,” he said.

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