‘The Astronaut Chronicles’ Chun

Jae-hyun revealed his first foray into the tragic tragedy of sad and beautiful tragedy.

The Astral Chronicles, which is scheduled to be broadcasted on June 1, contains the fateful stories of the heroes who write different legends in the ancient earth ‘Aus’.

Chu Ja-hyun takes the role of Asamun, a member of the Asan family, who is a white mountain family in the Astral Chronicle, and opens the door to the Astral Chronicles. Asahong is a “woman with no emptiness” who has been struggling against tragic fate after having begun the Eunsam (Song Jung-ki) and wandering for 10 years with her young island.

In particular, Chuja is from Asa, a noble family of Astmal. She is a member of Asada who is a noble family. She has a gigantic figure from her noble appearance to faithfulness. She is full of despairing love and a strong mother who has a hot maternal love for Eunsam. Hot rolling is foreseen. Therefore, hope is coming to Chu Jae-hyun’s transformation of acting that will give a ringing sound to the heart.

In relation to this, Chu Ja-hyeon appeared as though she was riding a snowy snow-covered horse in the same way as reminiscent of a goddess of snow. A scene in which asafon in a dazzlingly white costume is climbing on a horse and moving to a dignified aspect. The hairstyle that has long been down and the look of the wickedness are combined to create a pure yet faint feeling. On the other hand, Asafon is wrapped up in a strong bag, wrapped around his bosom, and is walking on the road.

Chu Ja-hyun, who chose ‘Asdal Chronicle’, expressed his soulfulness in his first meaningful opening that opened the opening of the drama. In spite of being a return to the scene for a long time, Chu Ja-Hyun exuded the action of the actress who drew a strong smile on the horse, passed the harsh mountain trail on horseback, and embraced the aspect of Asafon expressing desperate feelings while holding Eunsam in his arms. I am interested in how the appearance of Asahong, Chu Ja-Hyun, who is caught up in a tough but tragic destiny.

The production crew said, “Chu Ja-Hyun has performed a sophisticated emotional performance that blows soul into Asahoon Station, which will open the first start of” Asdal Chronicle “from the first filming.” I enthusiastically portray the appearance of Asafon, I hope Chu Ja-hyeon, who will lead the early stage of the project, will be able to lead. ”

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