‘Abyss’ Park Bo-young is to further amplify the questions ahead of the first broadcast day.

The TVN New Moonwha drama “Abyss: Soul Resurrection Beads” is a reverse visual fantasy in which two men and women who resurrected with 180 different ‘reverse visuals’ through the Soul Resurrection Bead Abyss chase the murderer who killed them.

Park Bo-young – Ahn Hyo-seop unveils the new resurrection of Sezel’s sister and three angry souls due to ‘Abys’ of the soul resurrection beads in the pole, together with the truth about their death and the ‘law of resurrection of soul’ in beads. Especially, the epic story to be unfolded with the emergence of “Abyss”, the soul resurrection beads, and the two people will show off their hopes for the first broadcast.

Park, Bo-young and Ahn Hyo-seop, who are in the public relations, are attracted to their eyes by showing off their suits. Let’s take a peek at the fact that the brightly-shining eyes have completed the full preparations to unravel their deaths in veils. But from the start, as if encountering an unexpected barrier, Park Boo – young is making a surprise expression that causes a pupil earthquake. Especially, Park Bo-young is resurrected with the same visuals as the existing ones and the Doppelganger, and resurrected to the murderer of the atrocity with the Abyss as the soul resurrection beads. The first broadcast of the “Abyss” Infinite curiosity.

Even so, the expectations of the two chemi and activities that will be drawn in ‘Abys’ are skyrocketing with only the visuals of Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo-seop, which resemble those of DeKalcomani. Especially, at the presentation of ‘Abys’ which was made earlier, Lee Sung – jae said, “I arrived early on the filming day and went to a nearby cafe, but Park Bo – young and Ahn Hyo – sup were sitting facing each other with the script. “I thought that Abys was inevitable because of this,” he said, citing the reasons for both of them.

“Abys” is a unique fantasy drama based on a thriller that was based on thriller. Thriller’s thrilling and foolish fun, Fantasy imaginable supernaturalism, ‘Twenty year’s best friend’ Park Bo-young – Ahn Hyo-seop will make a joyful Kimi and a laugh that will spread in the inside of the house. “He said.

‘Abys’ is scheduled for the first broadcast at 9:30 pm on May 6th.

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