TVN ‘Abys’ Park Bo Young is going to find a definitive clue to break down the ‘Psycho Pass Rich’ Lee Sung Jae – Kwon Soo Hyun.

“Abyss: Soul Birth Gods” (directed by Yu Jae Won / drama Moon Soo Yeon / studio dragon / production Neo Entertainment) (hereinafter abbreviated as “Abyss”), which shows a new variation of fantasy genre with Shin Bhahan material and imagination It is said that an exciting counter punch of Park Bo-young (Ko Se-yeon station) will give an exciting pleasure to the house theater.

In the last episode of ‘Abys’ Episode 10, Park Bo Boo boosted the suspicion toward Jin Seok Kwon Suhyun (Seo Ji Wook), ‘Going to the High Seon Yeon’ murder case. In particular, Lee Sung-jae (Lee Young-chul), who has escaped from prison, has raised the tension of the drama to the highest level with the eerie feeling of seeking Park Bo-young again, raising his curiosity about whether Park Bo-young will succeed.

In the meantime, Park, Bo-young, who is looking for the key to the truth of the relationship between Lee Sung-jae and Kwon Soo-hyun, captures his gaze. Park Bo-young, who is in the open studio, takes a flashlight and carefully examines every corner of the waste plant with his sharp point. Park Boo-young focuses on finding clues with his sharp eyes, but he is invoking his eyes as if he will never miss a small thing.

In particular, Park Bo-young’s look on the floor of the waste plant attracts attention. Unlike usual, the seriousness of rubbing on the face increases the tension. What is the definitive clue that Park Boo-young finds to reveal the reality of Lee Sung-jae – Gwon Soo-hyun, who is a “psychopath rich man”?

The TVN ‘Abys’ production team said, “Park Boo-young is working with Lee Sung-jae and Kwon Soo-hyun with a cool brain and excellent sense of reality.” Park Bo-young’s exciting counter punch, I expect that the tension in the unfolding beyond the forecast will explode. ”

The TVN Wolhwa drama ‘Abys’ is a reverse visual fantasy in which two men and women who resurrected with a ‘reverse visual’ that is 180 different from their life through the Abyss of Soul Resurrection Beads chase the murderer who killed them. Every Monday night 9:30 broadcast.

“Abyss: Soul Birth Gods” (directed by Yu Jae-won / drama Moon Soo-yeon / studio dragon / production Neo Entertainment) (hereinafter abbreviated as “Abyss”), which shows a new variation of fantasy genre with Shin Bhahan’s material and imagination On the 9th (Sun) Park Bo Young (Goseori) – Ahn Hyo-seop (Chinmin)

In the last episode of ‘Abyss’ 10, Park Boo Young exploded Lee Sung – jae (Oh Young – chul), who had escaped from the prison, and threatened his life again. In addition, the romance of Park Bo Young-An Hyo-seop, who keeps each other around the house and company for 24 hours, hit the hearts of viewers and makes them angry.

Park Bo-young, who is revealed in this regard, pulls the mouths of those who show a cute jealousy with a pungent expression toward Ahn Hyo-seop surrounded by many women. On the other hand, An Hyo-seop boasts of excellent sales power of Ran cosmetic successor against women who seemed not to notice Park Bo-young’s hot gaze, and laughs because he is igniting the jealousy of Park Bo-young.

Previously, Park Boo-young revealed that he had taken Valentine’s Day for An Hyo-seop during his school days, prompting audiences’ excitement. Park Bo-young, who discovered a bag of chocolate he had presented himself in a secret room of Ahn Hyo-seop, revealed the inner mood that was hiding under the title of ”

Park Bo-young, who has begun to reveal her heart in earnest, will transform her into a fairy-tale loving lady, and exploit her affection and jealousy for Ahn Hyo-seop. I am curious about the broadcast of “Abyss” 11, which is filled with the romance of Park Bo Young-Ahn Hyo-seop, who will be upgraded to such a degree and honesty.

In the meantime, the film was crowded more than ever due to the people who came to see Park Bo Young-Ahn Hyo-seop and the many extras. However, the two of them watched each other’s voices and eyes in an unsettled atmosphere, and after receiving the OK sign of Yu Yu-won’s manager once in a while, it triggered the thumbs of my staff.

The production team said, “The romance of Park Bo-young-An Hyo-seop is gradually getting ripe.” Lee Sung-jae, who escaped from the prison and “Kye Seon test murder case,” Jin-bum Kwon Suhyun, is aiming for the life of Park Bo-young. Park Bo- I hope you will. ”

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