Kim Jae Wook “in her private life, the encounters Lee Il-hwa.

The shocking truth was revealed on the TVN drama ‘her private life’ (Lee Hye Young, directed by Hong Jongchan) ending on the 16th. The mother of the idol tea Xian (Jeongse Won) is writer Isol (Lee Ilhwa), and Lee is the mother of Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) who was adopted to America. It prompted me to wonder what the story is going to be between the three people after the broadcast, Ryan, Isol, and Chassian.

Among them, a preview image of “her private life” 13 was released in advance of the broadcast on the 22nd. Ryan and Isol have a surprising encounter. I met at the elevator. As if you can not even imagine a tangled relationship, the smiles of two people make you sad.

Also, in the preview video of her ‘private life’, she catches the eyes of Sung Duck Mi (Park Min Young) who asks Ryan, who falls in deep thought in the dark, with a tearful eye, “Do you know her?”

In this regard, the production team of ‘her private life’ said, “Today, Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook meet up with Kim Jae-wook’s mother Kim Il-wook. “Park Min-young’s efforts to defend Kim Jae-wook and the courageous choice of Kim Jae-wook will be portrayed along with the development of storms.”

Meanwhile, ‘her private life’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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