the morning commute kiss “her private life ‘Park Min-young and Kim Jae Wook was captured.

TVN drama ‘her private life’ occupied the topic castle chart. It has been ranked number one for the drama series for 3 consecutive weeks (Good Data Corporation), and it has been proving its hot popularity with Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young in the ranking for 2 consecutive weeks in the cast section of the cast. Kim Mi-young (Seongdeok mi) and Kim Jae-wook (Ryan Gold), which explode Chemie, are enchanted by the envy of those who see it. Honey drips from the eyes of two people looking at each other. In addition, the two people are having a conversation without a break, and the sweetness burns the desire for love.

In particular, Park Min-young transformed into Kim Jae-wook’s “Morning Angel.” Park Min-young tries to play Kim Jae-wook’s ball, and then he catches his bracelet and tries to hit his ball with his mouth. Park Min-young’s surprise Morning kiss, Kim Jae-wook, looks like the remaining morning mist has ran away. The eyes of two people who seem to be happy even if they meet only the eyes and the smile do not seem to let them see the feeling of being in love.

‘Her personal life’ production team said, “Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook, who shared the secret of Kim Jae-wook’s childhood, will show more solid and solid love.” “As you deepen, “Meanwhile,” her private life “is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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