TVN ‘Astdar Chronicle’, starring actor Song Jung-ki, was on the air.

The divorce of Song Ji-kee and Song Hye-kyo are announced on the 27th, and interest in “astdar chronology” is increasing. A TVN official said in a telephone conversation with Sports Korea on the 27th, “The filming of the Astral Chronicles is already over and the airing of Part 2 is now on.” There are still left. ”

“The schedule for Part 3 has not yet been fully defined,” he said. “The schedule of the broadcast will not change because of the actor’s private life.”

On the other hand, Song Ji – ki and Song Hye – kyo broke up after a year and eight months of marriage.

Song Jung-ki’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, said on the morning of the 27th that “Song Jung-ki and Song Hye-gyo decided to finish the marriage after careful worries and are in the process of divorce by negotiation through amicable agreement”.

“I am deeply sorry to announce this news to many of you who have celebrated and cheered on the marriage of two people. I am asking you to refrain from indiscreet speculation and dissemination of false facts related to divorce. I can not give you the good news. I’m sorry to hear that again. ”

Song Hae-kyo, a member of the UAA, also said, “Currently, our actress Song Hye-kyo is in the process of divorce after careful distress with her husband, and the reason is that the two sides failed to overcome the differences, I am asking for your patience because I can not confirm it because it is the privacy of both actors, and I also ask you to refrain from commenting and speculative comments for exciting news for each other. “” I apologize for the inconvenience. I will do it. ”

Park Jae-hyeon, a lawyer in the law firm of Song Jung-ki, announced on the 27th, “We have filed a divorce mediation application to the Seoul Family Court on August 26 to represent Song Jung- ▶ I would like to


my sincere gratitude to you

. Song Hye Kyo’s agency UAA Korea.

First, I am sorry to say hello to the bad news.

Currently, our actress Song Hye-kyo is in the process of divorce after careful consideration with her husband.

Due to differences in personality, the two sides have been unable to overcome the differences, making the decision inevitably.

Other specific details are sincere and I can not confirm it because it is the private life of both actors.

In addition, please refrain from irritating reports and speculative comments for each other.

I apologize for the inconvenience. We will strive to greet you with a better appearance in the future.

▶ Special thanks to Song Jung-ki for entrance

. It is Song Jonggi.

I’m sorry to tell you that I have bad news for many people who love and care for me.

I have proceeded with the adjustment process for divorce with Song Hye – kyo.

Both are hoping to finish the divorce process in earnest rather than criticizing each other.

I would like to thank you for your understanding that I can not tell you all about the private life.

Thank you.

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