TVN ‘Abys’ Park Boo-young robbed of his heart, torn in the pain of his own jungjeong face to face a shock scene to capture the eye.

The first episode of TVN New Moon TV drama “Abyss: Soul Resurrection Bead” was broadcast on Monday, 6th on Monday, and two men and women who resurrected with a different “reverse visual” Reverse Visual Fantasy chasing killers.

Park Boo-young, in charge of the “High Seon Yeon”, which was revived as Sezel’s sister in the top 1% credit inspection, predicts a fresh transformation in the filmography that has been accumulated so far. Even if the charismatic goddess of the legal goddess is boasted, the truthfulness and the crime of the case will be exploded, and the generalist charm of “poblie to believe” will be poured out and the audience will be holed.

In the public steel, Park Bo-young is surprised to face his portrait. It bursts into the open air by grabbing his coffin in a bursting cry and soaring sorrow. Park Boo-young predicts that he will overwhelm viewers’ attention with a tearful tear that makes the hearts of viewers chewy. I wonder what Park Bo-young will be attending at his funeral.

In the meantime, it was Park Boo – young, who was pouring healing energy into the usual filming scene. However, he caught up with the script with all his feelings ahead of the feverish drama that needed concentration. Especially, as soon as Park Bo Young entered into the filming, he made the filming place breathtaking with a sense of authenticity. Park Yu-young, along with Yoo Jae-won’s director Kyosin, is feeling the shock of being confronted with his own photo of Yong-jeong and grief-stricken people who can not even breathe in their sadness. The back gate of the staff who admired the tears of the whole body.

The TVN ‘Abys’ production team said, “Park Bo-young, first of all, analyzes the scene carefully and finely when he receives the script.” In order to perfectly depict the high-quality, highly complex feelings and stories, . I hope that Park Seung-yeon, who has been pouring out Ko Se-yeon for 13 years, will enjoy his performance. ”

tvN The new Moonhwa drama ‘Abys’ is scheduled to be broadcasted at 9:30 pm on the 6th.

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