unveiled the ‘rayieonjeu’ certificates shot of Kim Jae Wook.

TVN drama ‘her private life’ is a perfect curator in the workplace, but if you know her, idol dude, SeongDuk Mi (Park Min-young), is a full-fledged virtuous romance when she meets a suspicious sergeant Ryan (Kim Jae-wook).

Through the last two and three episodes, Kim Jae-wook has caught up with the beauty of a cute little glance behind his seeming perfect and sullen appearance. Kim Jae-wook is one of the killing points when he confuses Park Min-young and Park Jin-joo and then rebukes his intolerance by watching a mirror.

Among them, Kim Jae-wook’s “Lions Certification Shot”, which explodes in a reversal of cuteness, is revealed and robs the eye. The figure of Kim Jae-wook of Ryan Gold Station and a statue of a lion character shining with gold rake were captured. The pronunciation is the same as English ‘Ryan’ which means lion. Kim Jae-wook, who is called “gold lion” among viewers, laughs at those who are posing chicly by the lion statue.

He is enthusiastic about his dignity with wet eyes and sculptures. It looks as though he is wearing a jeans look. After that, Ryan looks like a nice smile with both hands as he draws a Viza Kim Jae-wook makes me laugh. Kim Jae-wook’s delicate crimson explosion, which has never been seen before, is causing the viewer’s heartbeat. Expectations about the appeal of Kim Jae-wook, who will be pouring through her ‘private life’ in the future, are exploding.

TVN drama ‘Her Private Life’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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