movie ‘Gyungbangryeong’ (Director of Namdaemun) confirmed the release on July 10 and released the main poster.

‘Gyungbangryeong’ is a comic drama in which the blueprints of Korea are the first man’s parasites in Korea to revive the depressed Joseon,

The main main poster is staring at the front with unequal expressions.

First, “I am worried about my worries, I just enjoy it.” The copy is a comic drama that anticipates laughter and makes me wait for the movie.

In addition, Lee Jun-ho, who appeared as a man’s first parasitic in Korea, immediately catches audiences in the film and makes his eyes disappear, and announces the appearance of fresh characters.

In addition, Lee Ji-hwan, who will show Lee Jun-ho and his romance, shyly shrugged his face and raises his expectation for transformation to be shown in ”

Yoo Ji-won, who appeared as a boss of the fire, is charismatic, while Ji-so-min is a little bit confused while Zong-in is a somewhat challenging figure unlike other characters.

The poster, which has a variety of characters with different personality, envisions the comic synergy of the main actors as well as the richness of the movie.

‘Gigong Dohwol’ meets the audience on July 10th.

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