The two-shot reminiscent of daldalhan moment of ‘her privacy “Park Min-young, Kim Jae Wook were released en masse.

The TVN drama ‘her private life’, which is being screened in a recent topic, is a perfect curator in the workplace, but it is a full-fledged romance drama in which the idol dukudun Seongdeok mi (Park Min Young) meets up with a prosperous sergeant Ryan (Kim Jae-wook).

“Her private life” revealed on May 6, Park Min-young (Seongdeok mi) – Kim Jae-wook (Ryan station), who sees bright eyes and brighten up her love cells, Especially, it includes the majestic scenes of “Rabbit Couple (Ryan + Rabbit)” that stirs the hearts of viewers such as “Kid Shin Kid”, “Workshop Date” and “Cherry Blossom Date”.

First, Anodakis Steel is released and makes you feel the essence of “Morny Chemie” again. When Park Min-young kissed Kim Jae-wook, who covered his eyes with an eyeball, Kim Jae-wook took off his lips and kissed Park Min-young to cheer viewers. In particular, kissing from the ball to the lips maximized the irritation of viewers and created another scenery. Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook in the open steel are looking at each other’s lips while their noses are in contact with each other. The subtle currents of the two people who breathe reoccupy their throbbing soaring heart rate.

In addition, the steel of “Rabbit Couple”, which showed Kimi, who looks like a ‘newlyweds’ with a dazzling studio date, was revealed. The two people facing the snow during the shooting were laughing at the same time. Two people who smile brightly looking at each other are radiating world-class chemi. In addition, Kim Jae-wook holds the hand of Park Min-young, making the viewer trembble. Even if you look at it again, the two smiling faces make you smile.

In the meantime, Park Min-young’s smile toward Kim Jae-wook makes her heart pound. In addition, the rest of the time, the head of Kim Jae-wook, looking back at Park Min-young, leaned in the back of the eyes of the honey is dripping the woman’s emotions.

As such, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are called “past Rokko Couples” and receive enthusiastic cheers from viewers. The two of them, who know only two of them, are interested in whether they can start romance. Furthermore, the two raise the interest in how much longer they will show up and “Chemie,” which is full of “lewdness”.

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