‘I love you in the first place’ will release a spoiler to make your heart flutter ahead of your first broadcast.

The SBS New Moonwha drama ‘I Love You in the Grass’ is going to wake up the love cell of the preliminary viewers with the breathtaking, sour and sweet romantic comedy of the problematic boss Dominik (Kim Young-kwang) and the double life secretary Jung Kang-hee .

Now, just one day before the broadcast, I met an exciting ambassador spoiler who is waiting for the broadcast once more.

“I think I can hear her even if I am deaf. Snow meoleodo likely recognize that girl! ”

His secretary is jeonggalhui expand their presence in the streets wearing a red cardigan footsteps bump every time you work. Wherever she is, her presence is also proving to be curious as to whether her ambassador will lead to pink romance or even to go to Ahn Sook Kim.

Jeong Kang-hee, “I do not want you to let our boss wait?”

Jeong Kang-hee is a secretary who runs unconditionally to Doomick’s call and performs things. To Jeong Kang-hee, her colleagues protest that her secretary’s dignity has been exhausted, but she disappears with the help of the boss. My colleagues are also curious about her secretary ‘s life, which is two – handed.

# Expectation, “Note, leaning, hard work is not necessarily rewarded”

T & T Mobile 2 Team General Manager Expectation is a strange mood that does not reveal his own heart. So he gives meaningful words to Jeong Kang – hee who works hard for his work. It is becoming more interesting to know what the message of the expectant loyal smile is like.

“I love you in the first place,” the production team, “character of many characters in front of the ambassadors have been released in advance, you can see a variety of charms at once. I would like to ask a lot of views, “he said.

The new SBS monthly drama ‘I Love You in the Grass’ will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm tomorrow (6th).

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