Kim Young-kwang and rare ocular price of spare viewers with bright visuals.

Kim Young-kwang (Dumicki) and Jinji (Jeong Gah-hee), who are interested in the next-generation roko couple in SBS New Moonwha drama “I Love You” (Director Lee Gwang-young / The two shots are open to the public, and the visuals resemble each other.

Boss D Min Ik (Kim Young-kwang) and secretary Jung Kang-hee (Jin Ji-hui) are expected to reveal Kim Mi-mi to each other and show Kim Ji-sung to create a confrontation situation. But the difference between them is 180 degrees due to Jeong Kang-hee’s unexpected double life.

Kim Young-kwang and Jin-gwi in the photo show a pleasant atmosphere with bright and glowing eyes, showing a comfortable airflow towards each other, and they wondered what kind of change was blowing between them.

In addition, Kim Young-kwang’s smile to shoot the girl’s emotions and the fullness of the youthfulness is full of smiles on the face. When both of them laugh, the undergraduates under the eyes come up and the dimples appear softly. Kimi of those who are filled with loveliness are making the smile come out to those who see, and they are expecting the romance that two people will spread.

“I love you in the first place,” said Kim Young-kwang, a junior, who shows a breath of fantasy in the scene. When he goes to the recording, he plays with the character and plays seriously. “I love Chemie very much, so I’m going to show Rococo that it will be perfect for the spring.

On the other hand, SBS New Wolhwa drama ‘I love you in the beginning’ is a breathtaking, sour and sweet romantic comedy drama of a problematic boss Dominik (Kim Young-kwang) and a double life secretary Jung Kang-hee First broadcast.

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