The film ‘Birthday’ (directed by Lee Jong-un) surpassed 1 million spectators.

According to the integrated network of the admission ticket at the Young Jin University movie hall at 7:00 am on March 21, ‘Birthday’ recorded cumulative audience of 1 million 3307 people.

The birthday, which was unveiled on the last three days, took the top spot in six days of opening the box office, based on the overwhelming popularity of CGV’s Golden Eagle and 96% of the actual visitors. In the following two weeks, the film has been strong for the first two weeks of the opening of new domestic and foreign films.

‘The birthday’ is the driving force behind the popular and popular referendum. In response to the reaction that the movie is too sad, SNS also has a lot of films such as “Tissue watching”, “Visit watching” on the basis of “All of us story”, “The movie where my family comes to mind” Recommendations continued. In addition, school, family, and municipal organizations from all over the country added meaning to the box office.
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Director Lee Jong-eun and actors gave their own handwriting thanks to the audience for their support. Sung Kyung-gu said “Thank you for the peaceful and safe future of the Republic of Korea” and for the audience who participated in the journey of “Birthday” which is not easy.

Kim said, “Please do not forget the day of April and the birthday”, and Yun Chan-young said, “The more you come together, the more valuable you are with your birthday.” ” Thank you to all the audience for your birthday! “, Kwon Sang Hyun said,” Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your kindness. “Director Lee Jong-eun expressed his sincere heart.

Also, people from all walks of life have left their impression of ‘birthday’ on SNS. Lee Nak-yeon, Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, said, “It is a delicate work of family life.” Yoo Eun-hye, deputy prime minister and education minister, said, “I would like to have a time to comfort each other.

On the other hand, ‘Birthday’ is currently being screened on the birthday of a son who left the world on April 16, 2014, with the remaining people sharing their memories.

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