On the other hand, Tay failed her fasting and fulfilled her pledge.

On MBC’s “The Fasting People” broadcast on the 15th, SF9 Chan-hee was shown challenging 24 hours of fasting.

On this day, Chan Hee was selected as the new MC of MBC ‘Show music center’. Before the live broadcast, Chan-hee’s parents called and cheered for the first live broadcast. Chan’s mother said, “My mother is shaking because I am doing my first MC that I dreamed of.” You do not sleep, but your mom and dad are not sleeping either. ” After that, Chan’s father expressed his affection, “Chan, you can do it well, eat one.”

“I can not eat it right now because Chong Hee is fasting. My parents said, “My mom went to a fast food restaurant and went on a diet. I lost all the toxins.”

In the end, Chan Hee and Dae Won succeeded in a 24 hour fasting challenge. They decided to enjoy a meal after SF 9 with the SF9 members. From the roasted meat, Ajo-ji steamed to the whole sashimi, Chan-hee was thought to be made by Loy in a full-length dress. But it was a secretly made by her mother.

Chan-hee did not know her mother had secretly brought the food and said, “It’s like the mother of my mother.” The members asked if any of the things that Mom and Low made were more delicious. Chan said, “It seems to be similar.” Chan-hee, who finally realized that it was made by her mother, said, “I did not know you would come to my hostel.” Then Chan – hee read his mother ‘s letter and blushed his eyes.

Tay developed a new hamburger menu during the fasting. He prepares box-filled materials for the development of new menus. Tay has made a hamburger menu with chicken curry, a novel ingredient that has never been seen before. The friend who ate it said, “I do not know what it tastes.”

Tei was involved in menu development and made a big mistake. Unconsciously tasted like a habit of tartar sauce. One hour left and failed the hunger. In the studio, the elasticity of sadness came out from here and there. Tay said, “I was not hungry at the time, it was just a habit, I did not know it was a failure until I ate it twice, and I failed one hour and I thought, ‘What is it?

“I’ve been running one meal a day since then,” he said.

Tay had fulfilled the commitment to fail the hunger. He played ballard bus king in rocker outfit.

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