‘I feel it’s true’ Park Joon Hwa has conveyed unlimited trust for actor Dong Wook and Yu Inna.

One day, the Korean representative actress Oh Yoon-seo (Yoo In-na), who fell to the law firm like drama one day, I draw a romance that begins to meet with the perfectionism attorney Kwon Jeong-Rok (Lee Dong-wook). Lee Dong-wook and Yu In-naga are starring, and Park Joon-hwa’s director is in charge of directing the drama that will appeal to new year viewers.

The director, Park Joon-hwa, who was recognized by viewers as a director of fun, excitement and sympathy through ‘Let’s make a charity’ for the first time this year, I have told many stories.

Park Joon-hwa said, “Why Kim is so excited?” He said, “I have always felt that attorneys are really interested in treating their clients. The star who has lived a brilliant life in the ‘Sincerity reaches’, works in a disguise with the law firm of Allways, and meets a client with a lawyer sincerely. In such daily life, I was attracted to the story of each other’s heart. There are some things that are not so easy to start, and the writers are making good and believing that they are going. ”

As for casting, “Dong Wook, Yoo-in. I cast it because I thought that it would make my mind and the minds of the viewers warm. If you are not burdened with casting or casting, it is a lie. But there is a belief that both actors will do well. ”

He also said, “It is a goal to ‘direct the sincerity’ through ‘reaching the heart’. I will work hard so that the warm hearts of those who share this work can reach viewers, “said the ambassador.

Park Jung-hwa gave a hint to Cameo. “There are a lot of people who would like to ask for a cameo appearance on” What’s wrong with Kim? ” “I think I should actively try and get involved,” he said. “When I was born again, there is a great actor who makes me think I want to be born like this one. It was a pleasure to see my breathing for the first time. Please expect it, “he said.

Regarding meeting with various actors, director Park Jung-hwa said, “It is so fun to shoot with colorful performers. Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na, Son Seong-yoon, Oh Jeong-se, Shim Hyuk-tak, Park Yeon-yeon, Lee Jun-hyuk and so on. Above all, the chemistry between the actors explodes and the smile of the father comes out. ”

tvN The new drama ‘Reach Out’ will be broadcasted at 9:30 pm on February 6th.

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