The singer and actor Suzy, 25) got a reward for the studio that caused damage to Yu-Tubo Yang Yewon. The court ruled that Resin had liability for compensation.

On December 13, Judge Han Yong-jim, a judge of the Seoul District Court for the Southern District of Seoul, won a part of plaintiffs’ claim to pay damages of 20 million won in case of a claim against Lee, The claim to the government was dismissed.

In the past, Suzi urged the resolution of the Yang Yewon case in May, and posted a Cheong Wa Dae national petition containing the mutual name of the studio in his SNS. However, the problem was that the mentioned company was a studio unrelated to the Yang Yewon case. The damage studio has filed a civil lawsuit worth up to 100 million won against the government, two people who posted a petition related to the company, saying, “The process is not intentional but has been a part of the spread of the damage.”
▲ Rescue was charged with damages to the damage studio related to the two Yuyuan cases.

So, Lee told the victim studio that he wanted to apologize directly. However, the studio said it would ask the lawyer to contact him, and Sisu said the SNS apology. “I feel moral responsibility, but I think adjustment and compensation are a different dimension,” said Resin. “It can be a precedent to limit the freedom of expression of entertainers. It is difficult to pay money. ”

Yang Yewon is a well-known case in September, when Youtube star Yang Yewon posted a video on his SNS account claiming that he had been sexually abused after applying for a fitting model part-time three years ago. Yang Yewon was shot at a studio in Hyojung-dong, Seoul at the time, and 20 men were forcibly sexually harassed and tearfully shed tears when a forced nude photo was leaked to a porn site.

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