Actor Kim Young-kwang told the SBS Wall Street drama ‘I love you in the first place’ (play Kim Jae-jeong, director Lee Kwang-young).

Kim Young-kwang plays the role of Dum Min Ik, head of T & T Mobile Media 1, at the end of the broadcast on the 25th of last year. After completing the film, the appearance is perfect. I painted the character’s figure in three dimensions.

Kim Young-kwang, on the 26th after the end of the drama, expressed his deepest gratitude to viewers who watched the drama ‘I Love You at the Beginning of the Drama’ and cheered me on my side and loved the ‘Garrick Couple’. It was a big challenge for me too, but thanks to the support of many people, I think I was able to finish well until the end. ”

“Love to seconds, followed by” The genre is the romantic comedy I’ve tried a lot down to draw the characters in three dimensions, haejun efforts behind the scenes with fellow seonhubae actor who gave guess breath for six months for this purpose also the team Thank you for your sincere gratitude, thanks to the site was able to smile a lot of poison, “he said.

Finally, Kim Young-kwang said, “I love you in the beginning of the drama, but I will try my best to greet you with a good work.”

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Kim Young-kwang, who met the end of the work, will take a break after digging various schedules he had delayed by the drama shooting and will carefully examine his next work.

Kim Jae-kyung showed his brilliant performance until the end and decorated a spectacular finale.

Kim Jae-kyung, who captivated the audience with his hot performance, expressed his heartfelt greetings while the drama “I love you in the first place” ended on the 25th of last month. Kim Jae – kyung acted as director Veronica Park, a film production company called ”

Veronica Park, who was heavily armed with a variety of charms such as loving to make people feel better, was seen more stereoscopically by Kim Jae-kyung’s solid performance and sophisticated expressiveness.

“I have been living in Veronica Park for five months, and I do not really realize that the filming is over yet. And because the scene atmosphere was so good, it was a great vitality of life itself to go to the shooting place. The fact that we can not go to the scene filled with happiness is coming very sadly, “he said.

Asked if he wanted to remain as an actor, he said, “I want to be a good actor if I watch. While playing Veronica Park, I heard a lot of words, “I feel good energy to watch.” Thanks to good horses, I have never been tired or tired on the film. I want to give back the good energy I received to the public again. ” He is already paying attention to what kind of energy he will emit in his next work.

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