“Kim Hye-ja, Han Ji Min, Nam Joo-hyuk, the Son Ho-Jun, ahead of the first broadcast day unveiled a spectator point picked directly with bonbang shooter encouraging message.

JTBC New Moonwoo drama ‘Snowy breeze’ (directed by Kim Seok-yoon, written by Lee Nam-gyu, Kim Soo-jin, produced by Drama House) is finally expected to be broadcast tomorrow (11th). In 2019, one of the best-anticipated films, “Snowy,” is a woman who can not spend the time given, a woman who loses a woman, a man who lives a helpless life, Draw out romance.

It tells about the time of shedding meaninglessly through the twenty-five youths ‘Hyeja (Kim Hye-ja / Han Ji-min)’ which loses time given to anyone fairly and gets old at a moment and preciousness which naturally enjoyed. The synergy of the legend combination and the Kim Seok-yoon division, which will infuse emotions with different depths, is expected to give rise to a different time-out romance to provide a warm and lively reverence. Before the first broadcast, the actors are adding more affectionate messages to the audience and their favorite point of view.

Twenty-five ‘Hyeja’ who got stuck in the tangled time and got old at 70 at a time. The act of Kim Hye-ja, who plays ‘National actor’ Kim Jae-ja, who shows his transformation in character with his own name, is the best watching point for ‘Dazzling’. Without Kim Hye-ja, he can solve the depth of his life with a lovely and realistic performance impossible. Kim Hye-ja, who has played a lot of roles until now, also explains that it is “a really big band.” Kim Hye-ja said, “I seem to have lived my life again through ‘Hyeja’.” “I hope many of you will remember ‘Snowy’. You will feel like you are looking at my life while you are smiling and laughing. I hope it will be a time to reflect on his life, “he said.

For Han Ji-min, who plays with Kim Hye-ja in a two-player role, the meaning of ‘Snowing’ and ‘Hyeja’ is different. Han Ji-min said, “Finally, at 9:30 tomorrow night, the drama ‘Snowy’ begins to snowball the viewers to warm their breasts. I can tell you the story of Hyeja trapped in the tangled time and trembles. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Hyeja who has a special story. ” The point of observation that Han Ji Min put out is transformation, time, empathy. Han Ji-min said, “We are greeted with a character that is different from what we have shown so far.” It is a story about the importance of the time we live in for granted. Hyeja, who has a special ability to turn the time, would like to have a lot of emotional moments. ”

Expectations are also drawn to Nam Joo-hyeok, who will add a touch of emotion with a deeper performance between Kim Hye-ja and Han Ji-min. Lee Joon-er, who plays Nam-jung’s revolution, is a journalist who is flawlessly equipped with the specs and specifications that are all envied by him. However, he is a person who throws away the brilliant time given to him at any moment and lives a helpless life. Nam Ju-hyeok, who will draw Lee Jun-ha, who lives with pain inside, with a deeper and deeper acting, said, “Lee is likely to have one person around us. Lee Jun-ha tried to reach out to the viewers with sympathy, “explaining,” I would like to hear a lot of people’s comfort and healing through the “snowy” .

Son Ho-jun, an irreplaceable actor who freely travels from far to near, is in charge of manufacturing laughter and disassembly with Hyeja’s mother, Hye-seon Bae Su-young. A little bit of her brother and sister, Hyeja, who has grown old at a moment, but the everyday life of ordinary siblings awakens the importance of family, time, and adds pleasant laughter and ungrateful sympathy. Son Ho-joon, who will always laugh with the charm of the pale-green color, said, “I am glad to see you as ‘snowy.’ It is a drama full of emotion and laughter. ” I am in charge of the fun of the drama, so I would like you to laugh and enjoy yourself. ” “In a warm, ordinary life, unpredictable stories unfold. I want you to pay attention to Yeon Soo’s extraordinary journeys that will add fun to the drama. ”

The encounter with the production crew who has a romance with a cheerful smile and sympathy shoots the expectation. She has a lot of cheerful laughs such as ‘Cheongdam-dong alive’, ‘Rally wool mother’, ‘Old miss diary’, ‘Poong’ which looked sharp and society, and ‘This week wife cheers’ Kim Seok-yoon, Lee Nam-gyu, and Kim Soo-jin, who did not miss the warm smile while crossing the genre to the movie ‘Chosun Detective’ series, came together again.

On the other hand, from the 9th (Sat) to 12th (Tue) of commemoration of the first broadcast, an event zone such as a drama photograph exhibition is held in Starfield Hanamolis atrium. ‘Snowy’ will be broadcasted at JTBC at 9:30 pm on Monday, November 11.

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