actor Seo Hyun-jin said side did not receive a ‘romantic Dr. Kim Blackwood 2’ starring proposal .

Seo Hyeon-jin, managing director of the management agency, told OSEN on 13th, “I did not receive a proposal for romantic doctor Kim Sabu ‘s season 2,” but said, “I am currently discussing the appearance of’ Black Dog ‘as my next work.”

Seo Hyun-jin played a role in SBS ‘romantic doctor Kim Sabu’, which was broadcasted until early 2017, along with Han Seok-gyu and Hyungsuk Seok. ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu’ recorded a high audience rating of 27.6% with the highest audience rating, and as soon as the season 1 was finished, the voice of the desire to make the season 2 grew.

[OSEN=이대선 기자] 1일 오후 서울 영등포 타임스퀘어 아모리스홀에서 JTBC 새 월화드라마 ‘뷰티 인사이드’ 제작발표회가 열렸다.
배우 서현진이 취재진의 질문을 듣고 있다./

SBS and the company are preparing to produce the season 2 with the aim of broadcasting in November. Han Seok-gyu of Kim Sabu took the strand toward the starring side. However, Hyunsook has decided not to cast for the reason of schedule, and Seo Hyunjin is discussing TVN ‘Black Dog’ which is aired in the same time.

Seo Hyun-jin is scheduled to play the role of “Black Dog”, “Under the Dog” and “Heaven” in this era of private schools with no guns.

The actor HyungSuk Kim does not appear in ‘Romance Doctor Kim Sabu 2’.

As a result of OSEN coverage on 13th, Hyunsookseok made the final decision not to appear in SBS drama ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu’ season 2 scheduled for the second half of this year.

Hyungseok played the role of Kang Dong-ju in ‘Romance Doctor Kim Sabu’ which was broadcasted until early of 2017, and performed with Han Seok-gyu and Seo Hyun-jin. The highest audience rating was 27.6%, and the big topic was collected. The flexible stone was also well received by the viewers and exhibited the ability to “believe in”.

SBS and the company are preparing to make ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu’ season 2 with the aim of broadcasting in November. However, after discussing the possibility of appearing before the formal proposal, Hyundai decided not to cast for a certain reason.

Seon Hyun Jin is discussing TVN ‘Black Dog’ which is scheduled to be broadcasted at a similar time, so it is expected that Seon Hyun Jin ‘s romantic doctor Kim Sabu will be in season 2.

actor Han Seok-gyu will return to Kim Sa-bae in three years?

On March 13, it was reported that “Han Seok-gyu has confirmed his appearance on the SBS new drama” Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 2 “through multiple media. Han Seok-gyu’s agency said, “It is true that I talked about it, but I did not offer a full cast.”

[OSEN=최규한 기자] 배우 유연석이 4일 오전 서울 논현동 임피리얼 팰리스 서웋호텔에서 열린 tvN 새 예능프로그램 ‘커피 프렌즈’ 제작발표회에 참석해 포토타임을 하고 있다. /

As a result of asking the broadcasters to check the facts, SBS said, “The timing of the broadcast of [Madam Doctor Kim Sabu 2] is still undecided.” However, “Han Seok-gyu has been discussing his performance for a long time and is currently waiting for a script” .

The romantic doctor Kim SaBu is a genuine physician who talks to young doctor Doo Hyung Joo, Hyun Seok Hyun (Seo Hyun Jin) and Doin Bum (Yang Se-jong) The drama was broadcast on the topic with 24.7% of the highest rating (Nielsen Korea, national standard).

Han Seok-gyu, a member of the company Clover Company, told Sports Sports Korea that “It is true that I talked about SBS ‘romantic doctor Kim Sabu 2’, but it is not a situation that I have been formally proposed.” It is true that the story came to be verbally, but it did not complete the formal process of the casting proposal, script and synopsis.

‘Romantic doctor Kim Sabu’ is a story of ‘real doctor’ by ‘geeky genius doctor’ Kim Sabu, a young doctor who has a passion in the background, and young doctor Doo Jang Kang and Yun Seo Jeong, who are full of passion. In the season 1, Han Seok Kyu, Seo Hyun Jin, And 27.6% (Nielsen Korea, nationwide).

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