“Memories of Alhambra”: Shaken by Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye’s kiss

Recently, Hyun Bin’s management company released a series of behind-the-scenes photos of Hyun Bin in the Alhambra “Memories of Alhambra” (알함브라 궁전 의 추억: Memories of the Alhambra) tvN to viewers, causing them to break through his handsome, seductive, enchanting appearance. Returning to the small screen with a new fictional film project, Hyun Bin constantly received much attention from fans thanks to his professional and ecstatic acting.

After a week of waiting for the movie to air, finally the audience of Alhambra Memories of the Alhambra is treated with a kiss under the intense rain of the main couple Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) – Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye). Although it was penned in the preview of episode 11, but when the scene was officially broadcasted, the audience was absorbed in the sentence: “Although Park Shin Hye or Hyun Bin are paired with anyone, the chemical reaction is explosive outside. imagination “.

Earlier, Hee Joo had feelings for Jin Woo. Thanks to Hee Joo’s call to Alhambra palace staff, Jin Woo was saved. Due to someone appearing halfway through the moment he was performing the mission, the mission was interrupted and failed. Although Se Joo (Chanyeol) could not be found, Jin Woo did not lose his life unjustly.

After returning to Korea, he was dismissed from the position of CEO of J One. Since that day, Jin Woo has been drowning in alcohol, not paying attention to anything or contacting anyone. Until Hee Joo came and told him that it was her birthday that day, Jin Woo had a little reaction. Even so, she had to use a lot of ways to pull him out to dinner with him.

Until now, the only person Jin Woo could trust was only Hee Joo. When he asked if she was his girlfriend and kept following him, he demanded so many things, Hee Joo did not hesitate to nod: “If you want me to be your girlfriend”. She was also the only one who believed the crazy things going on around Jin Woo. Although everyone knows that Jin Woo is a mental name but Hee Joo still believes that he does not lie, not fabricated.

It is the mutual trust of two people that opened an extremely strange relationship. Will the two people calmly overcome the next waves and go together to find Se Joo’s whereabouts? Watch the next episodes of Alhambra Memories broadcast at 21:00 (local time) on Saturdays and Sundays on cable TV tvN.

It was perfect in the beginning of 2019 when the film brought in 9.4% of viewership ratings, breaking down before (9.2%), through the sweet and romantic kissing scene under the rain with Park Shin Hye. Looking at their footage, the audience’s heart suddenly beats.

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