singer and actress Sulli confessed candidly about the bra and drug rumors.

In the first night of JTBC2 ‘Night of Eve’ on the 21st, MC Shin Dong-yeop, Kim Sook, Kim Jong-min, and Sully announced various ideas about the evil.

On this day, Sully had time to read the blame for her. The slang keywords for Sully were ‘pupil controversy’, ‘nobra’, ‘sue’, and ‘tuber’.

First of all, Sully came up with a “drug rumor” about a picture that compared the pupils of real drugs to my pupils. I filmed “Real,” and there was a drug scene. “I do not think I can do it because I want to be good at it,” he said, saying, “I did not do drugs.”

Sully said, “Now I can pick my hair,” and MCs pointed out, “I dyed my hair and eyebrows.” Sullivan said, “I will make my legs hair. I did not push my legs.”

“I do not commit criminal acts,” Sulli said. “I am free in the law.”

“I think the bra is an accessory,” he said, “I do not wear it unless it suits some clothes and does not suit any clothes. I did not wear those accessories now.”

Sullivan said, “Even though Sullivan is controversial, he continues to post the Noble picture on the SNS.” At first I posted a picture of the Noble and there were a lot of words. At that time I was afraid that I could hide it because the reason many people did not want to be prejudiced I thought, and I thought, ‘This is not bigger than I thought.’ ”

Sullivan said, “Nowadays, there are more people going out to the Nobra.” “I want you to have such a person, and I think it would be fun to see me.”

Sally, a singer and actor who drives a topic, scrambled to the ‘Night of the Eve’.

Sully told the story of JTBC2 ‘s Night of Eve, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 21st, and misunderstood that it was a drug, Novra controversy, and backstory accusing of.

On this day Sully read his evil as the last runner after Shin Dong-yeop, Kim Sook and Kim Jong-min. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been talking to so many people,” he smiled and recited the accusations that “Sully’s greatest hit is instagram,” and “the face is a kind of fish.”

Especially, it was noted as an illusion containing “drug” suspicion. ‘If you do drugs, it’ s not a big puppy. Look at Sully’s pupil. It was a joke.

Sullivan responded, “No, I do not commit criminal acts.” I also watched a lot of movies related to drugs when I filmed the movie ‘Real’. Sullivan said, “I was immersed because I wanted to do well,” he said. “The pictures I took at that time were poisonous (like the pupils relaxed).”

Sullivan said, “I can speak slowly and slowly, I can pull my hair out here, but I bleed my hair and eyebrows.

It also brought out the controversial “Nobre”. “Before the ride, Noble. It’s just a sneaky X. Sullivan said, “It is a pleasure. It is not that I tried to drag it, but I did it because I was comfortable.”

Sullivan said, “I thought it was a personal freedom, but the bra itself is not good for health.I do not have wire.It is not good for digestive organs but I do not digest well.

I think that it is pretty. “He said,” (Nebras) is natural and pretty, “he said. It suits and does not fit any clothes, “he added.

I suddenly said to the cast members, “Do not you look strange right now?” I said, “I did not wear it now.

Kim asked Sullivan, “If it is a regular issue, I will not upload any more pictures (no pictures of the nerves).

Sullivan said, “At first, I uploaded a picture of a noble and I had a lot of horses, so I was afraid and could not hide because I did not want to lose the prejudice of many people. “I wanted to say this,” he said.

It also revealed the experience of suing Akzler. Sullivan said, “I once tried to sue.” He said, “I was a well-attended student who attended famous universities.”

He said, “A student at such a good university is going to become a criminal if I do not do what he wants.” There is a problem when he gets a job in the future. “It’s like I’m free.”

Sullivan said, “I am sorry to draw a red line to this friend because my friend has written the same thing as my age, so I gave him a good cause,” he said. “But if the day of sue comes again, I will not give in.”

On the other hand, Is a program where stars talk about the evil that follows them and think about correct commentary manners and culture. It is broadcast every Friday at 8:00 pm.

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