“Spring is coming spring,” Yuli Lee, released a picture of the shooting scene of the epic.

MBC’s new tree drama ‘Spring onna spring’ on the morning of the 19th yooliyi and Umiwon moments of the shooting scene contains a picture of the behind-the-scenes are attracting attention.

The drama ‘Spring onna spring’ is a fantasy comedy in which two women whose bodies are changed by the anchors who know only themselves and the actresses of the actors are recovering their true selves. The curse of change, the two heroes’ body changes, living each other’s lives instead of living in their own lives to look for happiness is found in the story.

On the day of the photo, Yuli Lee is smiling at the camera with a warm and refreshing smile. In addition, Um Ji-won showed a bright smile on his face and gathered anticipation about the character.

The two actors captured outside the camera can feel the atmosphere of the shooting scene. The prospective viewers’ attention is focused on the delightful scenes in the drama, such as bringing attention to Wooman’s chemistry by meeting Yoo Ji-won, who plays two characters with the character of extreme and dramatic character.

“Spring is on the spring” side, “as a fantasy comedy drama, shooting in the shooting scene is a constant atmosphere of laughter,” he said, “especially the two actors Yu Yi and Lee are making a warm chemistry on the spot,” he said.

In addition, “TV viewers can see the scene and enjoy the atmosphere of the scene is full of chemistry,” he raised expectations for the drama.

Meanwhile, the new drama ‘Spring Onna Spring’ is expected to be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 23rd.

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