TVN ‘Spain boarding’ was broadcast on 15th. The ‘Spanish boarding house’ was designed to provide travelers with a tasteful Korean meal and a warm bed for the travelers walking around the Santiago pilgrimage route, including Cha Seung Won, Yu Hae Jin and Bae Jeong Nam.

On that day, Nathan Seung PD first met Cha Seung Won and Yu Hae Jin, saying, “I was bored when I went alone, so I called another person for new fun.” When Bae Jeongnam came in, Yoo Ha-jin said, “I watched it at the premiere, when I was born.

Then Na Young-seok PD talked about the concept of the “Spanish boarding house”, which runs a kind of local boarding house ‘Albergue’ in the small village of Villar Franca del Bierso, a small Spanish village on the Santiago pilgrimage route.

The food is made with excellent cooking skills and the evil ones are responsible for the overall management such as maintenance and repair of Alberge, and Bae Jeongnam serves as both of them. Especially, the upgraded dishes of Cha Seung-won will attract viewers. Korean food such as chicken stir fry, curry noodles, etc., as well as colorful foods using Spanish ingredients, have been shown to stimulate the taste of viewers as well as pilgrims.

Cha Seung Won, Yu Hae Jin, and Bae Jeong-nam were surprised at the size of the hostel they faced for the first time. I was surprised by the overwhelming atmosphere, saying, “How do we manage this?” I found out that I borrowed only one of the buildings that were not operating this past monastery and operated it as a lodging house.

Cha Seung Won and Bae Jeong Nam were found from the kitchen, and the Huhan checked the rooms where the pilgrims would stay. The boarding house was charmingly furnished and boasted a cozy atmosphere. Cha Seungwon looked at the kitchen utensils and utensils and sorted out the things he brought from Seoul.

Three men gathered at one place the day before the operation went into menu selection. Those who decided to eat the rice bowl and the seafood ramen noodles went to see the bowl. Cha, Seung – won and Bae, Jeong – nam traveled to seafood shop and butcher shop and purchased ingredients for cooking while the evil ones were watching the hardware store.

In particular, Cha Seung Won ordered a piece of meat and pulled out a ‘Spanish card’. This is a card with photos and language of each material from the meat area.

As soon as he came back from the market, Cha started to dip the dumplings for pilgrims. Onion and garlic, which have never been seen before, have announced the start of the “garlic crab”. Meanwhile, the evil one installed a bell that connects the kitchen and the reception, and smiled a proud smile. Then, they made name tags such as ‘횅’ ‘and’ 늑 이 ” that made use of the features of each room. They always laughed at the producers by saying, “The equipment department always lacks support.”

Bae Jeong-nam tasted Cha Seung-won’s meat stir-fry and poured out admiration. “I will eat happily while I am there,” he replied, “I can go steaming.” He also brought out humidifiers for his brothers, and a handkerchief from Korea, which impressed his brothers.

On the other hand, in the morning when the full-fledged boarding house business started, Cha Seung-won was the first to prepare miso sauce. Baejongnam smiled happily while eating miso jjigae. We praised the miso soup miso soup and said, “I would like to put it into a meal menu.” I changed the menu with the miso soup and miso soup.

Bae Jong – nam, who worked diligently until breakfast preparation, was in a state of depletion. The brothers who grasped the style of Bae Jeong-nam had a laugh with counseling to distribute their physical strength.

Baejongnam used little Spanish in shopping. He wrote Spanish in full of notebooks, and he grew more and more familiar with the people of the neighborhood.

At the request of Bae Jeong-nam, Hoo-jin started to make a tableware. Repeatedly stretching the plywood, nails and hammers, he says, “I came to Spain and I do this.” However, within a short period of time, he decided to set a trade name of ‘Ikeyo’.

Finally, the first guest found a house in Spain. The guest who watched Yu Hae Jin, Cha Seung Won, and Bae Jeong Nam greeted with surprise expression. Cha Seung Won asked the pilgrim who was hurt by the break from the party, “I’m catching you today” and prepared delicious Korean food carefully. The pilgrims who visited the boarding house by the guide of the evil ones praised “it is the past grades.

Despite being a Korean signboard, two foreign guests appeared to make them nervous.

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