Was it a burden to divorce.

Song Hye-kyo, who was preparing for a quick return from the second half, recently announced his intention to get off to the production company.

Song Hye-kyo actually confirmed the appearance of the drama ‘Hyena’ aimed at the year-end broadcasting. After receiving the original script, he decided to refuse it and then get the revised version and decide to end his troubles again. But earlier this week, they told the crew that they could not be together. Although I did not give a specific reason, it is interpreted as a psychological pressure to announce the divorce.

Originally, Song Hye-kyo tried to act as a genuine hyena lawyer who won the law and illegal, justice, injustice, morality and irregularity, crossing the boundaries and choosing means and methods. There is a terrible and grueling weed that grows proud of its persistent vitality even when pulled out or pulled down, but does not disappear even if it is stepped on. ‘You’re from the Star’, director Tang Yoon-yoo was confirmed as director, and I liked the script that was more than 1/4, but it was misplaced finally.

Lawyer Park Jae-hyeon, a lawyer of the legal counsel of the legal affairs corporation of the temple in Songjung on the morning of the 27th, said that he filed a divorce mediation application to the Seoul Family Court on the previous day. Song Jung-ki said, “Both people are hoping to finish the divorce process smoothly rather than criticize each other by taking care of each other. Please understand that I can not tell each story about my personal life. I will do my best to return to work with good works, “he said.

Song Hye-kyo also said through his agency, “The reason for this is that the two sides can not overcome the differences between the two due to their differences in personality, and this decision is inevitably made. .

The two men who met in the drama ‘The Daughter of the Sun’ in 2015 and maintained their relationship with each other, received the attention of the public with the announcement of marriage on October 31, But two years later, I got divorced.

was confirmed by the fact that Song Hye-kyo confirmed the drama “Hyena” The reports that appeared dead end in divorce decision acting on a background wateuna or unfounded.

Park Hyun-jung, a subsidiary of Song Hye Kyo, said in a telephone conversation with Daily Star Economic Daily on Monday, “Work and privacy are separate. “Hyena” was one of several scripts to review, and it was a work that was rejected in the first place. ”

Song Hye-kyo is busy with going abroad to do advertisement photography and picture after the drama ‘Boyfriend’. The next film is likely to be a movie. Actually Park said, “There is a movie coming in and it is under review. It is not yet decided, “he said.

Song Hye-kyo, who has been attracting attention as a “couple of centuries”, announced on the 27th that he is under divorce proceedings in a year and eight months.

The lawyer of Song Jung-ki issued a press release first and said, “I filed a divorce mediation application to the Family Court in Seoul on 26th on behalf of Mr. Song Jung-gi.” Both of them decided to finish the divorce process rather than criticizing each other. I hope. ”

UAA Korea, a subsidiary of Song Hae-gyo, said, “I was not able to overcome these two differences due to differences in personality, and I decided to make such a decision.” “Details can not be confirmed because they are private lives of both actors.”

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