actor Song Kun-hee appears in ‘Mung Dojeon’ as ‘SKY Castle’ next work.

An official of KBS drama station said on the 16th, “Song Kun-hee will appear on KBS 2TV new drama drama ‘Mokdujeon’.”

‘Mung Do Jeon’ is a mysterious marriage of a manga and a sexy romantic comedy, which is a foolish and delightful Joseon version of Dongdongju, a reverse mature woman who does not want to be parasitized. After starting his first series in December 2014, he dramatized a blockbuster that received the highest rating of Naver WebToon.

Song Kun-hee plays the role of the former mung-dong’s former maid of honor. In ‘Mung Do Jeon’, Kim So Hyun was cast as Dong Dae Ju, a reverse-witted widow who does not want to become parasitic.

Song Kun-hee, who had a hot interest in Park Young-jae in his previous film ‘SKY Castle’, is interested in what he will do in his ground-breaking debut ‘Mung Dojeon’.

Song Kun-hee joins the ‘Mung Dojeon’.

An official of KBS 2TV New Moon TV drama ‘Mudjun’ (directed by Kim Dong-hwi / drama Im Yong-jin, Baek So-yeon) said on April 16 in Newsen, “Song Kun-hee is positively reviewing his appearance.”

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, ‘Mung Dojeon’ is a mysterious widow and a sexy and romantic comedy about the former Mung Du who infiltrated and the anti-witch-sister Dong Dong-ju who does not want to become a parasite.

Song Kun-hee, who announced her name to the public as Park Young-jae in JTBC’s popular drama ‘SKY Castle’, is expected to appear as her former brother-in-law.

On the other hand, Kim Soo-hyun was cast as a Dong Dong-ju role in the world, which is a kind of crazy 10,000 years old student. Jang Dong – yoon is discussing appearances as a role of male mugun who entered the widow village with secrets.

‘Mung Do Jeon’ is scheduled to be broadcasted first in September.

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