Actor So Ji-seop admitted his devotion to Joe Eun Jung announcer.

Soie Ji-Sub’s agent Fifty One Kaye said on May 17 afternoon news, “So Ji-seop is in love with Jo Eun-jeong, and he is continuing his serious meeting.”

The two met with reporters for the first time in an interview on SBS ‘s’ Entertainment Night’, which was broadcasted in February last year.

The agency said, “I meet for the first time during the interview in the midnight, and since then I have met with my friends and I have met with them.”

So Ji-seop and Jo Eun-jung announcer met for the first time when So Ji-sub was appearing on SBS ‘Full-Moon Entertainment Night’ to promote the movie ‘Go to Meet Now’ in March last year. At the time, Joe Eun Jung was working as a reporter for the ‘Actual Entertainment Night’.

Since then, the two have reunited with their acquaintances and naturally developed into lovers. So Ji-seop, who has a normal and caring personality, and a beautiful devotee of Joe Eun-jung announcer of bright character are said to be buying envy around him.

Joe Eun Jung, an ardent admirer of So Ji-seop, was born in 1994 and graduated from the Yewon School and the Seoul Arts High School in the Korean Dance Department and then studied at the Ewha Womans University. Since then, he made his debut as an announcer through OGN, a professional channel in 2014, and became popular as a ‘roll goddess’. He also acted as a reporter at SBS ‘Full-on Entertainment Night’ from the end of 2016 to the end of June last year.

So Ji-seop, who was born in 1977, debuted in the entertainment industry in 1995. MBC sitcom “Three boys and three girls” from 1996 to 1999, attracted attention as ‘Delicious Proposal’, ‘Glass Slipper’, ‘Millennium Jia’, ‘What Happened in Bali’, ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’, ‘Ghost’ Sun ‘and’ O My Venus’. Last year, I was awarded the MBC Acting Grand Prize as ‘Terius’ behind me. He also appeared in films such as “The movie is a movie,” “an office worker,” “an apostle,” “a warship,” and “I am going to see you now.”

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