HB entertainment side for the news bears gimhyeyun and exclusive agreement ‘SKY Castle “” is unfounded never made contact, “he said.

It was reported that Kim Hye-yoon, who is in charge of Jang Yee-seo character at JTBC ‘SKY Castle’ on the afternoon of the 16th, will sign a contract with HB Entertainment.

HB Entertainment said that OSEN had no contact with Kim Hye-yoon and had no contact with him.

While Kim Hye-yoon was expecting to sign a contract with HB Entertainment in the absence of his agency,

Meanwhile, ‘SKY Castle’ is a hot topic drama ahead of the 20% audience rating, and Kim Hye-yoon is the daughter of Hanseo Jeong of the drama and is postponing the whole school first dream of going to Seoul National University College of Medicine. It shows a brilliant presence beside the great Tae-sung Taejonga with excellent performance ability.

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