Actor Kim Hye-yoon reported on the current situation.

Kim Hye-yoon, group EXID Honey and Sorge, Seventeen Min Kyu and Gangbuk, and Han Bo-rum appeared in SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’

Kim Hye-yoon first greeted the viewers by saying, “Hi, I’m actor Kim Hye-yoon.” Lee Kwang-soo responded by saying, “That’s the tone.” He replied that it resembles the voice of the character Kang Yee-seo in the JTBC drama “SKY Castle.” Ji Seokjin also said, “I was the only drama I used.”

Kim Hye-yoon asked the question, “I am living a hundred years after graduating from college. I have not decided on the next work yet.

“Do you realize the popularity?” “I asked you to play in ‘Running Man.'” MC Yoo Jae-seok said, “Nowadays, the world is fast and it is getting cold. Nowadays, the popularity of drama or drama is quickly disappearing.”

Meanwhile, ‘Running Man’ is broadcast every Sunday at 5 pm.

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