Nam Tae-hyun and Jae-ine Jang are in love.

Nam Tae Hyun and Jae Jae In have recently developed into lovers as they approached the performance of performing arts. Nam Tae-hyun said on the 22nd, “I’ve got a good feeling recently, and I’m having a good meeting.” The two are scheduled to appear together in the TVN arts’ work room, which will air on May 1, and are about to shoot last. The two men, who are 91-year-old (Jang Jae-in) and 94-year-old (Nam Tae-hyun), are not conscious of their surroundings and are enjoying a date.

Nam Tae-hyun debuted in 2014 with the group winner’s regular album ‘WINNER 2014 S / S’. After leaving Wiener in 2016, he has been active since he formed the band South Club the following year. Recently, he is cast as a main character in the musical ‘Mephisto’ based on Goethe’s ‘Faust’, and his debut as a musical actor is also ahead.

Jang Jae-in made her debut in the music industry by calling the goddess OST of 2010 SBS drama Athena War. In the same year, Mnet participated in the Superstar K season 2 and became the top three in the world and gained public recognition. Since then, he has been a solo singer and song writer and has a strong fan base.

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