In the latest video uploaded to his YouTube channel aguTV, Eric attempted to buy tickets to his own fan meeting. In the beginning, he was quite relaxed as he took his time to turn on his computer and adjust the work space on his desk. He commented, “I need to do the ticketing process soon, but Choong Jae [Jun Jin] keeps texting me. It’s already 8:48 p.m., and there are 12 minutes left. But he keeps messaging me! I need to prepare. I still need to create an ID.”

Then Eric shared, “I don’t think it will be overly difficult [to get the tickets], but my fans have always mentioned that it’s really hard. That’s why I want to experience it myself for once, and hence I took up this challenge. But then if I succeed in one try without going through much difficulty, my fans will feel kind of… How do I put it? I think they will feel like it’s unfair. So that’s why, it will be good if I succeed, but even if I fail, I will be able to understand how the fans feel.”

Then he comforted the fans who couldn’t get tickets either, saying, “Although what I say won’t really be able to comfort you guys, but still, I hope you guys cheer up. I actually don’t feel that great either. Although you may have failed in getting tickets, since this is the Year of the Pig, I hope you earn a lot of money.”

Watch Eric’s hilarious attempt to buy a ticket to his own fan meeting with subtitles provided by Eric himself

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