Shin Eun-eun made a hit with his debut. Among the teenagers, Doha’s “Doha leprechaun”, a style that goes from one foot to the other, unfolds the buttons in uniforms. Shin said, “I could not imagine that Doha or style would be interested. I remembered that I did not feel well when I went to school during my school days. I was very worried about this, but I am grateful for the beauty. ”

“It’s not a shameless personality, but it’s not a student who is as confident as Doha,” he said. Doha I am a special child who honestly expresses my conscience and treasures friends. So, the episode that I experienced as Doha was wonderful. ”

After proving that he is a talented actor, he has heard the news of his next work after the ‘ TVN ‘s Intercourse in March 2019, a newcomer who met with GOT7, a former heroine of the comic strip character, said, “I hear the story of a jinyeong and a chemistry being getting better. I think it will be better than now. ”

The new lady mentioned sadness with the emotional performance that I want to challenge. “I want to postpone love with goodbye. I want to express my feelings with my own sensitivity. “” In ‘Psychomatric Lee’, I have a lot of hurt in my mind and I have a painful past, but I played a role of living a masquerade in a mask. I will show you the pain and sadness behind the action. ”

the, I felt that the entertainment was enjoyable broadcasting after recording “KBS 2TV ‘Happy Together 4’. I want to go to all the performances that can be done. Recently I have been living alone on my own, and if I had the chance, I would like to appear on MBC ‘I live alone’ “and concluded the interview with a smile.

More images and interviews of the new artist are expected to be found at the February issue of At Style magazine.

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