actor Kim Hye-yoon and SF9, Lee Jae-wook were chosen as the main characters of ‘How I Found Someday’.

The MBC New Tree Mini Series, scheduled to be broadcast in September, is a full-fledged private school romance drama, in which a high school girl, Dano, falls in love with her destiny.

It has a lot of anticipation as a youth song based on the popular webtoon ‘How I Found the July’, which has been loved by many readers as an ambassador with a unique world view and ten catching sensibilities. Meanwhile, Kim Hye-yoon, SF9, and Lee Jae-wook have been confirmed as a star of Hwangdan Owahara and Baek Kyung in the “What a day they discovered,

Kim Hye – yoon comes to the house theater as a female student, She recently won the Best Actress Award in the TV category at the ‘BaekSang Arts Grand Prize’. She has become more prominent as the most prominent artist in 2019, and Kim Hye-yoon’s ability to exert a perfect synergy with the stunning charm of Hidenan O .

SF9’s member and actor Rowun got out of her own world due to her role in the play, and took on her role as a daybreak. SF9Run has accumulated a lot of talent through various works. He is going to capture the hearts of viewers through perfect sync rate with characters with his tall keys and tortuous visuals.

Lee Jae-wook, a bright new-looking artist, played the role of Baek Kyung, who is a partner and long-time love partner of Hidan Oh. Baekyung is a bad man character of a deadly charm with a cool atmosphere and outstanding appearance. Lee Jae-wook, who emerged as a rising star after leaving his amazing impact from his debut, will once again show his audience a strong presence.

The ‘Someday Discovered Day’, which brings hope to the young actors’ meeting, is raising expectations by anticipating ephemeral romance with ephemeral characters of the main characters who are thrilling.

On the other hand, Kim Sang-hyup PD, who received a favorable reception from viewers, showed solid and delicate performances through ‘The King Wants to Love’, ‘Gorgeous Temptation’, ‘Mama’, ‘7th Official Official’ We are planning to join a lot of young stars who will shine in 2019, and it is expected to fill the an avant theater with pleasant and pleasant energy.

Kim Hye-yun, SF9 and Lee Jae-wook, MBC’s “What I Found A Day” will be released for the first time in September.

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