Cable channel TVN drama ‘Enter your search WWW’ (Kwon, Jung-hyun, Kwon Young-il /

In the Content Power Index (CPI) of CJ ENM and Nielsen Korea announced on June 25, the content influence of June 3, June (June 17 – June 23) ‘And’ Topic Program ‘. Among the dramas currently on the air, they recorded the highest figures.

Above all, “Influential Program” has been ranked second in the second consecutive week, showing steady popularity. The freshness of the romance that boots in the action of the strong female characters and the exciting development is the view which the viewers tasted.

Especially, the 7th of “Gumbleul” which was broadcasted on the 26th was the result of the confrontation and harmony between “Bae Tami” (Im Soojung) and Chihyun (Oh Hee Hee) Song Kang Kyung (Jeon Hye-jin), who pushed Tommy’s impulse to say the unexpected condition. In addition, the main drama Mania Cha Hyun and her favorite morning drama starring actor Seo Ji-hwan (Lee Jae-wook) had a special meeting, all major couples appeared. The war of the portal industry and the exhilarating romance were drawn in harmony, exploding the curiosity of the future development.

Among them, “Gobbleu” said, “The 8th episode, which is broadcasted today (27th), is a turning point in the romance of Tommy and Morgan.” In the last broadcast, Morgan, who was comforted by the confrontation with the tea prefecture, came to visit Morgan and made the audience happy.

Until last night, the still cut, which was released before the 8th broadcast, caught the strangely tense tension between Tommy and Morgan. Two people to face in the hallway in front of the entrance of the apartment where Tommy lives. It seems that Tummy’s tears, which are lightly colored in her eyes, represent her complicated feelings. Morgan, who looks at him, always feels the seriousness that is different from usual that I looked at Tami with a smiling face.

“Today’s broadcast is an important turning point in the romance of Tommy and Morgan. I think that Tammy, who lived more importantly than love, and Morgan, who is loyal to her enthusiasm, Please check if you will overcome it again. ”

It broadcasts at 9:30 on the 27th.

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