beginning’ Kim Young-kwang’s life turns into a morning?

Kim Young-gwang will be in a dangerous position at the SBS New Moon drama ‘I Love You at the Beginning’ (directed by Lee Kwang-young / dramatic Kim Jae-jeong / production Beyond Jay).

Kim, Young – Kwang is the first team leader of T & T Mobile Media 1, who thinks first and foremost about himself. He maintains perfect visuals with a dull shot fit and smooth hair trim.

In addition, everybody is equipped with sharp eyes, always standing on the day, not only the nickname of ‘readers’ but also his secretary Jung Kang-hee (Jin Ji Ju) Interest in behavior is concentrated.

However, this perfect dukminik is suddenly attracted by the appearance of the patient wearing clothes. The fingers of the chair, the table, and the head of the booth seem to be chased by something, suggesting that the problem occurred.

Especially, she hugged her secretary, Jung Kang – hee, and the facial expression in despair shows the desperation that she does not want to miss her.

“I love you in the first place,” the production team will “catch up with the eyes and ears of viewers through the evolving evolution from the first broadcast. I hope there will be a change for Dankook in every different development, “he said.

On the other hand, ‘I love you in the beginning’ is a problematic boss dumpling and double life secretary Jung Kang-hee’s breathtaking sweet and sour romantic comedy drama.

Chong-dongJinju share a challenge to Kim Young-kwang.

SBS New Wolhwa drama ‘I love you in the beginning’ (directed by Lee Kwang-young / written by Kim Jae-jung / produced by Jon Jay) is finally a romantic comedy drama of a problematic boss Dum Min-ik (Kim Young-kwang) 6 days), take off the veil.

Jung Kang-hee is the only contracted secretary who is responsible for every step of Boss’s work. It is a unique and loyal character that secretaries do not regret even if they call all kinds of incompetent things. However, she looks at the explosion, the boss is caught and it is stimulating the curiosity.

In particular, Jeong Kang-hee, who has been making a splashing face with a baseball bat in one hand, is suggesting the immediate crisis of the crisis. But on his way to meet him, the boss is going to show a helpless secretary mind with the things he needs and laugh.

In addition, her strong secretaries carrying weapons (?) To be a threat to her afterwards add to the excitement as if they were watching a movie.

The SBS New Moon drama ‘I Love You at the Beginning’ will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on this day (6th), which is why I hope that she will make such a choice.

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