‘You are my destiny’ Season 2 -Ryu Soo Young revealed his fateful first meeting with Park Hae-sun.

Actor Ryu Soo Young will appear as Special MC on SBS ‘Same as Monster Season 2 – You Are My Destiny’, which is broadcasted at 11:10 pm on Monday, 24th. Ryu Soo-young, who has made a happy marriage after opening a wedding ceremony with Park Hae-sun in 2017, got envy of everyone with his “daughter-in-law” and “emerging love”

Ryu Soo-young and Park Hae-sunn are reported to have formed a marriage ceremony for the couple after they appeared together in the drama ‘Two Weeks’ in 2013. However, Ryu Soo-young revealed the new fact that the first meeting of the two people was 16 years ago through “You are my destiny”.

Ryu Soo – young said, “I shot it in a middle school that made SBS drama ‘a cheerful girl success’ in 2002.” “I did not see it, but my wife (Park Hae – sun) said that she saw me at the break time because she was a school student. Said the same love story. Then, Ryu Soo-young, “I was 10 years older than my wife, and I heard this story and I wanted to be a thief.”

Ryu Soo-young showed the perfect ‘husband’ aspect in various fields ranging from high-quality photography to cooking. “I heard that the MC has been completely conquered,” said Ryu Soo-young, “I often cook,” he said. “I’m in charge of shopping, cooking, and washing dishes.” In addition, Ryu Soo-yong is the back door of the story that he took a lot of stories during his love affair by focusing on ‘Mountain’ as the reason he got into the ‘Thum’ with Park Hae-sun.

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