The story of friendship and love drawn by SBS TV drama “Hatch” (Lee Yong Seok / dramatic Kim Il-young / Kim Jong Hak Productions Co., Ltd.), which will be broadcast on February 11th, is a problematic prince (Chung Il Woo) who should not be a king. Lee Yong-seok, who has been recognized for his outstanding performance in the secrets of the mystery thriller “Village-Archa” and the fusion drama “Iljimae” with Lee Young-yong, Collect. Thus, ‘Hatch’ reveals three points of Honam Jam that viewers call the storm running, and predicts that they will shake up the drama drama from the first broadcast.

1. First drama to take on the story of King Yeongjo’s youth

The drama is the first time the young man was treated as a young man ‘Hatch’ has never been treated properly in the 21st century, King Youngjo’s adolescence and his dramatic enthusiasm catches the eye. Until now, Yeongjo has been treated as a fiction with the father of Sado Catholic Jungjo and Young-Joon’s brother-in-law (Daegil) who died at the time of a newborn child. Especially, how to play Jeong Il-woo, who exudes an overwhelming presence in the poetry drama genre such as “Moon in the Sun” and “Night Scene Diary”, Lee Young-Joo’s youth during his youth and the power struggle surrounding the Grand Prix, I hope that the successor to the throne will be drawn.

2. Scriptwriter’s multiple takes on Joseon’s professional world

Chosun Constitutional Affairs Department = present prosecutor’s office! Tonghwasa → Jangchukwon → HyeMinSeon It is color different material!

“Hatch” is the first time in the drama, it is interesting to deal with a different material called the Chosun government. ‘Hatch’ is a legendary animal that distinguishes between good and evil and keeps its justice. Through the ‘hatch’, we notice that the enormous usability of the Choson government and the inside, the desires and beliefs of various human groups, will be revealed in a story that adds satire and humor. In particular, Kim Yi-young focuses on the fact that all the works in the past have dealt with professional drama in the Joseon era. I was wondering how the interesting story of the Chosun Dynasty of the Chosun Dynasty of the pen would be raised because the ‘Dansan’ was set up to draw a painting, the ‘Dongyi’

3. Kim Yi Young, Lee Yong Suk, Jung Il Woo: the historical drama trifecta

Kim Yi Young – Director Yongsuk Lee – Jeong Il Woo and other historical drama meet! ‘Hatch’ attracts attention with the encounter of the historical drama such as Kim Il-young, director Yongsuk Lee, and Jeong Il-woo. There is reason to see ‘hatch’ with Kim Yi-young, who has shaken the Korean dramatic scene, and Lee Ji-seok, director of ‘Iljimae’, who uploaded Lee Jun Ki to the stardom. Here, the problematic prince, Yeongyeong-gun, which should not be a king, is going to engage in friendship and love that transcends identity, and there is already a keen interest in the synergies of these meetings. “We will do our best to make a well-made drama that meets the expectation of viewers. I hope to see the development of a spectacle that will not miss a moment of how youthful youth and drama will be drawn together with the appearance of the Chosun government, which will be implemented as a CRT.

SBS ‘Hatch’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on Monday night, February 11, following ‘Revenge is back’.

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