photographer Mugunghwa girl told about post-work with bullying boy band.

Mugunghwa girl appeared on ‘The Makers’, a Sunday corner of MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’.

Mugunghwa girl is a photographer who is called ‘color genius’ as a fairy tale photograph. The idol that I worked with is the group Shinhwa, Jimin and the government of the bulletproof boy band, GOT7, Cain, Baek Yilin, Ohmy Girl, Girl of the month, Dreamcatcher.

Mugunghwa explained that she has a meaning of “I want to put beautiful image like the color of the sky” about her pseudonym. He studied cinema and animation, studying photography by himself, uploaded his work to SNS (Social Network Service), and started working with idol by receiving love calls from various agencies.

Mugunghwa explained, “I try to work on a line that does not harm the world view of idol and keeps their image.”

Mugunghwa participated in the ‘Love Yourself’ teaser poster of the Bulletproof Boys’ Team. “It was raining and it was really hot. I did not forget Jimin, who gave me an umbrella that day when it was raining (at the time of my work). ”

Also, as the most photographed idol, he pointed out Bulletproof Boys’ Vu and Vivienne Pnieel. Mugunghwa said, “Even though the album cover was taken by Viga, it was really nice to have a feeling of freedom in spite of cloudy weather.

In order to include various aspects of idol, I have taken a picture with Shinhwa as an example of his own concept presentation.

Mugunghwa said, “When I took a picture of the 20th anniversary of the group, I proposed a plan to express it boyishly because I wanted to work with a different image than before.” “Kim Dongwan is interested in the camera and asked ‘What is this camera? I also appreciate it because I think that you have helped me to take some pictures and relax. ”

The Mugunghwa girl named her favorite photo album ‘Carnival’, Baek Yorin ‘s’ It’ s probably not our fault ‘, and this month’ s girl ‘Butterfly’.

Mugunghwa explained, “I like the stereoscopic particles and colors in the photographs that the film implements.” He said, “I have to know what I want to shoot. If you want to take a picture of the scenery, you can see exactly what you want to show in the landscape, and if you are a person, you can come up with a good idea of ​​what kind of atmosphere you want to take. ”

The Mugunghwa girl said, “It is my ultimate goal to live happily and consistently expressing and taking photos with light.”

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